Sera Melini

Sera has been a grateful student of Yoga and Ayurveda for many years. She has been blessed with teachers who have searched classically for the patterns of the Universe and Spirit. Her studies and experiences in the realms of Yoga, Mantra, and Ayurveda all serve to assist in increasing depth, sensitivity, and simplicity in ways that both utilize and increase grace and observation.

Some of her teachers include, Andrey Lappa of Universal Yoga, Kula Yoga Project, Sankalpah College of Yoga (Yoga), Sadhvi Abha Saraswatiji and Raghunath Cappo (Mantra), Vaidya Ravi of Poonthottam Ayurvedasram, the California College of Ayurveda, and BCD (Ayurveda). Her teachers of touch include those at Sunshine School (Chiang Mai, Thailand) and Ohm (Omsala Chiang Mai, Thailand) for the wisdom of Thai Massage and Chi Nei Tsang.

Each of her teachers has forever moved her to be more observant, respectful, humble, and sincere - qualities ever present in yoga and its teachings.

In classes we will focus on the science behind the relationships between the body, the mind, and their bridges . We are concerned with the flow of prana, how and where it moves and does not move in posture, in nadi, with consciousness. Using the paradigms of Ha-tha Yoga and Ayurveda we will explore our capacity to be both strong and flexible, moving and still, Ha and Tha, and of course, migrating in the direction of steady appreciation and awareness.

Sera Melini instructs the following:
  • Hatha
  • Great for anybody and everybody, beginners to seasoned yogis, Hatha is the best place to start and is the perfect balance of strengthening and stretching. It blends standing poses, seated/floor poses, meditation, and breath exercises. This class may also include some active flow or sun salutations, but will be minimal.

  • Strong Hatha
  • This multi-leveled class is slightly more advanced than Hatha, but still accessible to all ranges of experience from beginners to seasoned yogis. The class will integrate a blend of standing poses, seated/floor poses, breathing exercises, meditation, core strengthening, arm balances and stretching. While this class will warm up with sun salutations, vinyasa flows will be kept to a minimum.

  • Advancing Your Asana
  • So many of us dream of floating into headstands with ease, of lightly lifting off our toes to balance like a scale in handstand, to bravely tip sideways into a clean side crow posture. During scheduled classes however, there is rarely enough time to breakdown and workshop these asanas. Thus, in this 6 week series, we will do this very thing. Every class will begin with a fluid warm up to prepare the body for the necessary mechanics to come. From here we will learn and develop the necessary tools to arm balance, invert, and move into more complex standing balances.
    This workshop series is open to all levels, but it is recommended that you are able to practice and sustain an aligned chatturunga dandasana for 3-5 breaths. For those who are able to balance already, I will offer you more complex variations on those you already know and love. There is something for everyone, guaranteed.
    • When: WEDNESDAYS, beginning 9/19 - 10/17
      7:00pm - 8:15pm
    • Price: Members and Staff: $150
      Early Bird Special: $130 - if purchased by 9/10
      Single Drop In: $40

    See you on the mat!

  • Yoga 101
  • Yoga 101 is a slower-paced yet dynamic class that balances strength and stability with poise and relaxation. Expect broad-based work and variety, from traditional to complex, with a focus on educational instruction. This class is great for beginners to advanced yogis.

  • Strong Vinyasa
  • This more advanced and active class will energize, challenge, and inspire you. For those who like more of a workout, Strong Vinyasa will turn on the internal fire and focus on building strength, stamina, and flexibility with a variety of standing poses and some inversions. This class is faster paced and connects movement with breath. Good for those with at least 3-6 months of (sweet) vinyasa yoga experience. Not suitable for beginners.