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Class Descriptions


A slower-paced yet dynamic class that balances strength and stability with poise and relaxation. Expect broad-based work and variety, from the traditional to the innovative in these classes. This class is great for beginner’s to advanced yogis and yoginis.
Join us every Friday for a one hour fusion class that rotates weekly to keep you sweatin'! Each week, Smiling Dog Yoga, Barre, and Fitness hosts one of four of our most requested, fused fitness modalities: YOBarre, Inferno Hot Pilates, Yoga Sculpt, and Barrelates. This is a great opportunity to try something new and find a well-balanced program on your mat with us. Bring a mat, water bottle, and towel. We'll provide the fun!
Meet our amazing community on the first Friday of every month, as we host our once monthly Sweat 'N Sip Mixer, an extension of our Fusion Fridays! Stay after our one hour Fusion Friday class to sip complimentary wine or Conscious Kombucha on our patio, surrounded by candles & twinkling lights, good tunes, and great people. Check our online schedule for dates and instructors!
Good for anybody and everybody, beginners to seasoned yogis, these classes are the best place to start and are the perfect balance of strengthening and stretching. These classes blend standing poses, seated/floor poses, meditation, and breath exercises. This class may also include some active flow or sun salutations but this component will be minimal.
Inferno Hot Pilates is high-intensity interval training (HIIT) using Pilates principles. We will focus on using core strength through various low-impact exercises to help get you to your fitness goals. The room will be warm, so be sure to bring your mat, towel, water...and be ready to rock out with some fun music!
*Join us for this special limited opportunity to experience the Inferno Pilates craze with instructor Corlese Todd! Please note that the room will be heated between 85-95 degrees for the duration of this 45 minute class. Don't forget to stop by our vanities to freshen up with our favorite lotions & potions before you get back to your day!
Our Pilates mat class involves a series of exercises that teach body awareness and encourage a greater body/mind connection. The benefits include improved coordination skills, strengthening of the spinal muscles and core areas, improved flexibility, better posture, and long, lean muscle tone. This class is suitable for all fitness levels.
This Hatha and Restorative yoga combo class is designed to help you reboot and reset to take on the new week ahead. Come strengthen and restore as you move through standing and seated postures, meditation, breathing exercises, and light stretching. This class will bring you to a peak with an active Hatha yoga practice, then melt away tension as you unwind through a comforting Restorative sequence. Join us on the mat, and get ready to start your week out right!  
A purposeful practice of supported yoga postures for the lower back, hips and legs to release deep-seated muscular tension and habitual ways of holding our bodies. Expect use lots of props. Great for all levels and those overcoming injury or illness or anyone who wants to learn how to relax more fully. This is a more relaxing, meditative type class.
This multi-leveled class is slightly more advanced than Hatha, but still accessible to all ranges of experience from beginners to seasoned yogis. The class will integrate a blend of standing poses, seated/floor poses, breathing exercises, meditation, core strengthening, arm balances and stretching. While this class will warm up with sun salutations, vinyasa flows will be kept to a minimum.
These more advanced and active classes will energize, challenge, and inspire you. For those who like more of a workout, these classes turn on the internal fire and focus on building strength, stamina, and flexibility with lots of standing poses and some inversions. These classes are faster paced and connect movement with breath. Good for those with at least 3-6 months of (sweet) vinyasa yoga experience. Not suitable for beginners.
Our Sweat 'N Sip mixer is the first Friday of every month night following our Fusion Friday class, and is designed to kick off your month with a vigorous class, "Sweat", and a gathering with the Smiling Dog Yoga, Barre, and Fitness community, "Sip".  

Stay after our one hour Fusion Friday class to sip complimentary wine or Conscious Kombucha on our patio, surrounded by candles & twinkling lights, good tunes, and great people. Bring your friends & family and introduce them to your SDY family & home away from home! Check our online schedule for dates and instructors, and we'll see you at The Dog!

Our vinyasa classes are generally more active. Expect to sweat to a faster paced class that connects movement with breath. These classes will energize, challenge, and inspire you. Expect to build strength, flexibility, mobility, and core integration. This class is for all levels and we try to offer plenty of options for the beginner or advanced yogi so it's a healthy challenge. For those who like more of a workout, these classes will focus on challenging standing poses, basic arm balances & inversions.
Our YOBarre fusion classes combine yoga, pilates, strength, cardio and some ballet moves. We will use ballet barres to help build strength, stabilize your balance and improve your flexibility. All levels are welcome, with plenty of options for beginners to circuit training junkies. Bring your yoga mat, water bottle, and towel, and we'll provide the rest.
A contemplative and meditative practice using long-held floor postures and breath awareness to target deep fascial release. This is a tried and true way of increasing flexibility in the hips and spine. May include some standing poses to balance the practice. A slower paced class, great for those looking to increase flexibility.
Description Coming Soon...
When muscle meets yoga, Yoga Sculpt is born. Boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you move to upbeat tracks. You’ll combine free weights with a yoga flow and cardio to intensify each yoga pose while mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges and bicep curls.
What to Bring: A bottle of water, a towel and a yoga mat. Weights will be provided.