Pit Bull, Starved and Chained for Life, Begs Woman for Rescue by Grabbing Her Hand.”

Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine and launched a conflict about a year ago. Millions of people have fled the war-torn nation in the meanwhile. Many pets have been abandoned at the same time.

He was tied and abandoned, according to photographs from the Love Furry Friends YouTube account, before being discovered by animal enthusiasts.

Hunger after chaining

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Left with a grim, ugly face after being beaten badly, the dog was extremely lucky to be cared for and loved by its new owner.

Two people establish eye contact with the chained dog, whose body plainly suggests that he hasn’t had a proper meal in a long time.

They’d given him a can of food, which he hurled himself on and couldn’t get enough of. His ribs are seen jutting from his body. They also saw that the chain around his neck had harmed his fur.

Toby, the dog, was permitted to go to the vet, where they performed the required exams. This gorgeous Ukrainian puppy is currently seeking for a family, and we are crossing our fingers that he will find one!

Following the conflict in Ukraine, the EU has enacted new pet regulations.

Many pets joined their owners as they fled Ukraine, and the European Commission made it simpler for pet owners to transport their four-legged pals to EU member states in the spring. However, some authorities warn out that the infection status among pets in Ukraine differs dramatically from that in the EU, notably in terms of dangerous illnesses like rabies.

It is actively interested in Sweden, a country akin to the Netherlands. The Swedish Agriculture Council has thoroughly summarized the issue on its website.

“At the present, there are special laws in place for dogs and cats accompanying their owners who have fled Ukraine.” That is, we analyze what steps are required on a case-by-case basis,” states the Swedish Agriculture Council, adding:

“The evaluations are primarily concerned with the risk of rabies-carrying animals and how that risk should be controlled so that public or animal health in Sweden is not jeopardized.”

Ukraine is a high-risk rabies country, with several cases of both canines and cats each year.”

We genuinely hope that this cute little puppy soon finds a new home! Please help us spread the news!

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