Police Dog’s Emotional Sendoff for Retiring Handler Will Melt Your Heart

The bond that forms between a man and a dog has inexplicable moments. This was the case with “Jerjes,” a dog that bid an emotional farewell to his friend Jorge Baeza, a member of Santiago’s Carabineros Canine Training Unit.

Baeza and “Jerjes” have been pals since the dog joined the unit in 2013. They were inseparable from that point forward. As a result, his colleagues in the capital did not hesitate to transport him to Concepción for his funeral. Nobody expected the animal’s emotional reaction.

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“I think it’s important to share this photo since today we said goodbye to the remains of a colleague, a canine teacher, and his colleagues from Santiago brought his trusty friend to say goodbye to him,” Eduardo Ortega, who attended the funeral and posted the images, wrote on Facebook./

“Please have a look at your loyal friend when he was at the graveyard. This photo impacted me deeply, and I think it is important to share it. “Rest in peace, dear fellow dog breeder,” he said at the end.
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