Rescue Efforts Underway for Injured Dog Who Initially Refused Help

A concerned individual contacted Hope For Paws about Tinkerbell, a 10-year-old Mastiff who had been discovered three weeks before in an embankment 25 miles outside of Los Angeles. Because the dog was famished and suffering as a result of her damaged paw, the Good Samaritan wanted to make sure she got assistance.

As the rescuers descended down the hillside, they saw Tinkerbell wasn’t delighted with their presence. They eventually caught her after following the snarling dog for quite some time with a snare. However, the dog was too hefty to be lifted without assistance.

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Onlookers who were observing the rescue operation phoned the fire department and asked for assistance. When the firefighters arrived, they immediately dispatched Tinkerbell up to the rescuers. The rescuers expressed their gratitude and took the anxious dog to the vet’s office.

Tinkerbell’s microchip scan revealed that the dog was originally from Arizona and had gone lost! The rescuers contacted her owners and discovered that the dog was scared by 4th of July fireworks while the family was on vacation in Los Angeles!

Tinkerbell’s family reunion after weeks away is seen at the conclusion of this video! You can see she was excited to see her loved ones again.

Watch Tinkerbell’s tough rescue and beautiful reunion with her family in the video below.

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