Starved and desperate, the dog wept tears of gratitude as strangers offered him food, a heartwarming act of kindness after enduring days of hunger.

The heart-wrenching moment captured in a viral video from 2020 left thousands of people deeply moved. The footage, which was shared on various social media platforms including Douyin, depicted an incident that took place in the city of Jinzhong, located in the northern Chinese province of Shanxi.

In the video, a woman was walking to the park with her friends when she noticed a small and adorable dog on the street. She decided to offer him some sausages, and what unfolded next brought tears to the viewers’ eyes.

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As soon as the dog was offered food by the kind-hearted stranger, his eyes filled with tears. The heart-melting footage showed the dog standing on his hind legs and waving his front paws, almost as if he was applauding in gratitude. The woman recounted her experience, saying:

“When we offered him food, he started crying, and I tried to put him in our car once, but he refused and jumped back onto the street.”

In another segment of the video, the woman returned to find the dog, and instantly, he recognized her. He sprinted towards her as if eagerly awaiting her arrival.

The video garnered immense attention online, with viewers leaving emotional comments. One Douyin user wrote, “All things have a spirit, be kind to them.” Many viewers admired the woman’s compassion but felt sorrow for the dog. Another viewer expressed:

“Dogs are emotional beings, and if you treat them with kindness, they will reward you greatly.”

There were those who believed that the dog may have mistaken the woman for a dog catcher, as it was common for them to lure dogs into vans. The woman mentioned that she returned to the same location multiple times in the following days, but the dog was nowhere to be found. She also planned to ask the cleaners in the area if they had seen the dog nearby.

The video left most viewers feeling a sense of melancholy. Many commented with words of gratitude for the dog’s appreciation and expressed sadness over the possibility of him being taken away by dog catchers. Some viewers simply wrote, “So thankful, dog,” accompanied by sobbing emojis.

This poignant video not only touched the hearts of thousands but also reminded us of the profound emotional capacity of dogs. It serves as a reminder to treat all living beings with kindness and compassion. If you enjoyed this story, you may also be interested in reading about a courageous police officer who risked his life to help a sick bear cub lagging behind its family.

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