Disabled puppy sheds tears of gratitude as she is finally helped, marking a significant turning point in her life.

This is a heartbreaking story of Askim, a sweet soul who endured unimaginable pain and despair after having both her legs severed.

The rescue volunteers were overwhelmed with emotion as they examined Askim’s wounds, their hearts breaking for this innocent and vulnerable creature. Despite the cruelty inflicted upon her by the owner she once loved, the volunteers showered her with kindness and compassion.

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Askim had lost everything, including her trust in humanity, but she was saved from her tragic circumstances. Despite her suffering, her appetite remained strong, a testament to her indomitable spirit. Perhaps she shed many tears, but she remained as resilient as a warrior.

Under the care of dedicated doctors, Askim’s wounds were properly cleaned and dressed. The medical team devoted ample time to her recovery, ensuring she received the best possible care.

One of the volunteers instantly fell in love with Askim from the moment they laid eyes on her. He couldn’t bear to leave her side, fearing she would experience any more pain. In his heart, he gained another family member, and that family member’s name was Askim.

After two months of continuous treatment and rehabilitation, Askim’s condition significantly improved. She defied the odds and learned to walk on her two remaining legs, proving that her spirit could not be broken.

Though Askim had lost two of her legs, her joy and friendliness never wavered. She developed a deep love for puppies and became fiercely protective of them. Askim’s playful and entertaining nature brought smiles to the faces of everyone she encountered.

We thank God for the blessing that is Askim, for granting her a chance at a happy life despite the hardships she endured. Four months later, Askim continues to thrive, surrounded by love and care.

Let us celebrate the resilience of animals like Askim and appreciate the incredible capacity they have to forgive and find happiness. May Askim’s story inspire us to be kinder, more compassionate, and to cherish every precious life.

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