Neglected blind puppy, covered in filth, heartbreakingly abandoned by owner and sadly overlooked for adoption at the shelter.

Batty, a blind Bulldog, was left in a deplorable state when his owner abandoned him at the Sacramento SPCA. Covered in filth and suffering from a huge abscess, the 5-month-old puppy’s condition indicated a dark tale of backyard breeding gone wrong. The breeder likely rejected Batty due to his blindness, unable to profit from a puppy with such a condition.

However, the dedicated workers at the shelter didn’t let Batty’s challenges define him. They treated his abscess and provided him with care and nurturing. Despite his blindness, Batty transformed into a cheerful and easygoing youngster, deserving of a loving home.

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Unfortunately, his rare congenital birth defect made it challenging to find an adoptive family willing to take on the responsibility of a permanently blind dog. When Batty’s companion, Bueller, was adopted, the shelter staff realized the urgent need to find a home for the lonely pup.

They turned to social media, sharing Batty’s story and making a heartfelt plea for his adoption. Cassidy Kraus and Brett Weyers, a couple from Wisconsin, came across Batty’s story and knew he was meant to be part of their family. With their experience of caring for a blind dog named Soto, they believed Batty would fit right in.

Driven by love and determination, Cassidy, Brett, Soto, and their children embarked on a 33-hour journey to Sacramento to bring Batty home. It was an emotional moment when the exhausted family finally met the precious Bulldog. Batty, now known as Ago, happily embraced his new family, particularly his canine sibling who shared his visual impairment.

Despite his challenging start in life, Ago has found his beam of sunshine. In his new home, surrounded by love and care, he thrives as a cherished member of the family. His joyful spirit and comforting presence have truly completed the lives of Cassidy, Brett, and their children.

Ago’s incredible journey of overcoming adversity and finding his rightful place is documented in a heartwarming video that captures the battles he fought and the love he discovered along the way. Share this inspiring story with your friends and family, spreading the message of hope and resilience.

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