Poor dog tries to cling to his owner when he is abandoned in the midst of passersby and cold heavy rain

When the world is still having dog theft and eating dog meat, dog lovers are trying to speak out to protect them. Even the pampered dogs and cats in the house are also called by their owners with the name “boss” because they are often loved to the point of “overwhelming”, making the owners laugh a lot. but at the same time consider them a joy in a tiring life.

Friendly dogs will always follow you happily to welcome you home no matter how long you have been away. The four-legged friend can even recognize when you are sad, by your side, and you seem to have become an indispensable member of many families. But unfortunately, there are people who do not treat their adopted children well; they abuse, conversely, or even begin to get bored and want to take them away like a broken old piece of furniture.

Recently, a video was posted on MXH that made many people feel sad because of the sad story in it. A dog is still chasing after his owner’s motorbike, even though it’s only a few minutes away, they deliberately drove it to a far away place to get rid of it.The dog tried to climb into the car but the owner still didn’t care

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According to known information, this video was filmed in the city of Medellín, Colombia, where the poor dog still does not know that the owner no longer needs him. He followed despite the dangerously heavy traffic and the slippery road after the rain that nearly caused the dog to fall several times. The saddest thing is that in a moment when the motorbike stopped at a red light, the dog tried to hang on to the car and unfortunately let his front paw step on the owner’s pants. But this owner just coldly tried to brush off all the stains, as if this was just a strange wild dog that he had never raised a day.

Desperate dog chases after his owner’s car after being abandoned

After this video was posted on Twitter, many people shared and left comments mourning the poor dog, and condemning the animal abuse of the two alleged owners. It can be seen that the dog tried to chase a very long distance and could be injured by cars on the road at any time. Netizens on Twitter are also looking forward to hearing news about the dog’s fate and hope it will find a new home with owners who love and respect animals.

When a person comes up with the idea of wanting a dog, it is just as important as a lifelong decision. Dogs are wonderful creatures and loyal friends of man, they deserve to be loved in our nest forever.


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