Blind and injured Pit Bull receives a special treat of McDonald’s ice cream, bringing a moment of joy and comfort in the face of adversity.

The lengths that some people go to when showing love to their rescue dogs restores our faith in humanity. And this is a wonderful story from Lucky Dog Refuge CT

When Jessica found a Pittie curled up in a ball in the woods, she wasn’t sure she was going to make it. After all, she was frightfully thin, obviously injured, and was in need of immediate TLC.

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By coaxing the Pittie into her car with some food, Jessica and her team went about rescuing her. Because she was in such a bad way and found it difficult to trust human beings, Jessica wasn’t sure what the future had in store for the Pittie, who she named Halo.

After being put on antibiotics by the vet, Halo started to show some signs of recovery. She also started to feed well and began filling out ever so slightly, which is remarkable considering how thin she was when she was rescued.

Although it was clear to her rescuers that Halo was visually impaired, they didn’t realize that she was fully blind until it was confirmed by the vet. This made it difficult to walk her at first, but as she began placing her trust in her rescuers, Halo started to experience joy for the first time in her life.

Halo has now fully adapted to her new surroundings and has learned to trust the other dogs and humans in her life. She has come such a long way from the incredibly difficult and traumatic experiences she was obviously exposed to her in her previous life, but it’s so wonderful to see an older Pittie like Halo have such a great opportunity to rebuild her life.

But Halo’s favorite thing in the whole world? It has to be ice cream cones from McDonald’s! And let’s be honest, given the abuse that she was subjected to early on in her life, who can begrudge Halo regular treats from her favorite places?

This is yet another wonderful video showing the awesome personality of misunderstood Pitties. They’re super loving and friendly, so please don’t think they’re only useful as fighters! Pitties deserve the right to be happy in life, just like any other dog, and we’re so happy that Halo is finally free and at peace in her new sanctuary.

Thanks to the continued efforts of Lucky Dog Refuge CT, to follow Halo’s journey visit here.

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