Gentle giant: A 200-pound Mastiff takes on a role at a primary school, bringing joy and companionship to students.

It’s not uncommon to see a treatment dog visiting a school however this weighs greater than some of the teachers.The Riverbend Primary School in Rockingham County, Virginia, has a new therapy dog. But what makes this dog stand apart, is that he weighs 200 pounds!

Gabe the treatment canine is a big mastiff that outweighs the kids and some of the teachers at the school where he functions. Despite his size, he’s a huge sweetheart that the kids love spending time with.

To get chosen to spend a session with Gabe, the kids compose him a letter explaining to him why they feel they require some one-on-one time with him. Of course, Gabe reads all his mail and chooses the kids that he feels require him most.

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Once they’re selected, they reach invest some one-on-one time with Gabe, which aids charge them prior to heading back to class. Gabe loves his job and takes it really seriously. But he also does greater than comfort and support the kids.

He also teaches them duty. The students must ensure Gabe has water and take him for walks. He lets them recognize that it’s a big responsibility to take care of an animal and that although he’s a giver, he needs care too.

Gabe also ‘shares’ all the letters he gets with the teachers so that can learn more about what’s going on with their students so they can help them much better. It’s really a win for teachers and students, and because Gabe likes his job, for him also.

Therapy canines are not the same as solution dogs. The benefits of using them in the classroom include improving attendance, problem-solving abilities, reducing trouble habits, and helping kids really feel calm and understood.

The dogs are primarily there to give emotional support and comfort. They are trained but also rely on their social instincts and abilities to provide emotional, cognitive, and health benefits to the students they hang out with, which results in much better attendance and enhanced abilities.

Not all therapy canines are as big as Gabe. They can come in any type of sizes and shape. The one big need is that they have the character and empathy to want to do the job, which Gabe definitely does.

We hope you enjoyed watching Gabe touch the lives of these young kids. As always, please feel free to show to your buddies.

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