A woman shows compassion and kindness when she puts her holiday on hold to rescue two stray dogs.

Dogs are man’s best friends. But, unfortunately, some people can really be mean to dogs. Thankfully, some people can come down like angels and help abused dogs have a better life.

This was proved recently by Juliana Carpino, a resident of Canada. She came across two stray dogs somewhere in Romania, both of which seemed really abused in the past. The first was a black dog living in a field, and the second was found near parked cars at a bustling intersection.

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The second dog came up to Juliana immediately. He had a scar near his nose and was abused. Thus, Juliana named him Scar. She picked him up and walked up to her car. On the other hand, the black dog, named Shine, refused to come near her. She also noticed that Shine had something tied around his neck and needed help immediately. Juliana promised the black dog that she would be back to rescue him.

It was practically impossible to get Shine to come to her. She tried to coax him to come out of the field and go to her for five days. However, on the sixth day, she succeeded. Shine hesitantly started following her out of the open field. She noticed that he was begging her not to leave him. Although the two dogs were not close, she noticed that Shine and Scar seemed to know each other.

After three days, Juliana took them in her car back home to Canada. Both Scar and Shine seemed to know that they were going home. It took them 23 hours to travel to Canada. Upon arrival, both the dogs seemed surprised at the new environment and the new place. Although Shine readily entered Juliana’s house, Scar seemed really reluctant.

Juliana and her family had to convince Scar before he decided to enter. Nonetheless, he seemed confused the entire day. Finally, Juliana decided to adopt both of them. She noticed that Scar always loved to stay outside like any other dog. Whereas Shine behaved more like a human and preferred to stay inside the house.

Both the dogs behaved like brothers and could not stay away from each other. They played with each other, and Juliana’s daughter connected with them right away. The two dogs went through so much pain in their lives that they really appreciated everything that Juliana did for them.

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