“A Heartwarming Reunion: Three Bobcat Kittens Find Family in Colorado”

Living in the modern world can be a scary place for big cats. Due to urbanization, their natural habitats are being lost year after year. For a big cat kitten that gets lost from their mother and siblings, the world can be a frightening place. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a dedicated team that works hard to preserve and protect the wildlife in Colorado. In July, they received a call about a bobcat kitten seeking safety under the hood of a vehicle. A woman from Indiana took the initiative to save the day by luring the kitten with a sandwich and waiting for rescue workers to arrive. The kitten was taken to Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation center, where she is in good hands and safe from danger. Recently, Colorado Parks and Wildlife discovered two more orphaned bobcat kittens, who turned out to be her siblings. The little band is back together and appears to be pleased, as seen in the adorable images.

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According to local news reports, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has confirmed that a group of sibling kittens will be raised together until they can safely be released back into the wild. The adorable kittens are in good health and are thankful to have each other during their rehabilitation process. The team at Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation is currently taking care of them and regularly sharing updates and cute photos for everyone to enjoy before they return to their natural habitat. Recently, CBS 4 Denver released a video showcasing the reunited siblings. For those who are interested in learning more about Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s efforts to maintain the state’s natural beauty, you can visit their official website.

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