“Rascal Wild: The Tale of a Playful Cat Who Found His Perfect Home”

Starting life can be tough for our feline friends, and unfortunately, not all of them get a happy ending. This was the case for Rascal Wild, a tuxedo cat in Washington state. He was found as a stray near a busy road, and due to his rowdy nature, he struggled to find a permanent home. According to his owners, the location where he was rescued was not a suitable place for a cat, with multiple lanes of traffic, train tracks, and a cemetery. Perhaps Rascal was abandoned because he was no longer a cute kitten but had grown into a wild big boy. Or maybe, being un-neutered, he was searching for love in all the wrong places, and his previous owners couldn’t keep up. When Rascal arrived at the shelter, he was described as feisty, full of mischievous energy, and constantly getting into trouble for using hands as toys. Here’s a picture of the location where Rascal was found, highlighting the dangers he faced on the streets.

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Jim and Cerise were grateful when they heard the story of the adventurous cat, and without hesitation, they welcomed him into their home with open arms. Although the kitty was not very affectionate or fond of cuddles, Jim and Cerise felt an instant connection with him upon hearing his story and seeing his picture. They knew right then and there that he was meant to be a part of their family, and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, this adorable feline has become quite the social media sensation. Jim and Cerise created an account for him, and now he has over 30,000 fans who are absolutely delighted with his antics. His bio proudly proclaims him to be a handsome cat from Seattle who loves luring people in with his belly. He’s also a big brother to @poly_dumplings.

I had the pleasure of getting in touch with the lovely owners of Rascal and they were gracious enough to answer some questions I had about their beloved cat. Read on to discover more about this playful feline who loves to pull off pranks. He has even earned himself a middle name “it’s a trap” owing to his clever tactics of pretending to want a belly rub only to pounce on you unexpectedly. In other words, he is an expert at luring people into his belly-trapping schemes.

At what age did Rascal join your household? Rascal was discovered as a wandering unsterilized male dog, and the animal shelter where he was brought to speculated that he was approximately two years of age. However, his true age remains uncertain. Presently, he is a composed seven-year-old canine who has noticeably mellowed out over the last five years.

It appears that the name of this furry friend suits him perfectly. Can you recall what name he had when he was first taken in and how did you come up with his permanent moniker? “His shelter name was Rascal, which is quite suitable since he can be quite mischievous. We didn’t have to think twice about it.” (Shown is a snapshot of Rascal’s kennel card.)

What is the relationship like between Jinxy and his cat siblings? According to the 14-year-old, they have a polite and cordial dynamic. Although it seems like Jinxy would prefer to have all the attention to himself, he actually harbors affection for his feline counterparts.

Here we have a charming snapshot of @poly_dumplings enjoying the company of his feline companion, while also making a case for some delicious chicken. According to the proud owner, they were a bit apprehensive about how the two cats would get along when they first adopted them as kittens. They took things slow and steady, allowing plenty of time for introductions and respectful boundaries. It wasn’t until six weeks later that they finally met face to face. Despite some initial growling and hissing, the two cats eventually became the best of friends. Now, they share each other’s company for grooming and playtime. It’s heartwarming to see how much joy and affection these furry friends bring into their home. Not only do they make great companions for one another, but they also look adorable together!

What’s a unique characteristic that you’d like others to know about him? “While he may initially be wary of people, once he trusts you, his love knows no bounds. Despite his wild tendencies, he has a hidden sweet side that’s sure to melt your heart, and let’s not forget about his massive purr.”

There’s a popular belief that tuxedo cats have quite the attitude. So, let me ask you this: on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), how would you rate Rascal’s cattitude? Personally, I’d give him a 12! When he first arrived at our home, he was full of energy and loved to pounce and nibble on us. Nowadays, he’s mellowed down and enjoys being brushed and cuddled – but only when he feels like it. Every now and then, he may nip at us to signal that he needs a break from the attention and some alone time.

Rascal is definitely a big kitty, weighing in at 20 lbs. It’s common for tuxedo cats to be on the larger side, so it’s no shocker. But let’s be real, who can resist his charming personality? I know I can’t! If you’re like me and want to see more of Rascal’s crazy cat shenanigans, make sure to follow him on Instagram. In one of his recent posts, he’s trying to trick his humans into giving him a belly rub, but they know better than to fall into his trap because those claws can be lethal! It’s funny how my own tuxedo cat does the same thing.

If you have a friend or acquaintance who has an admiration for tuxedo cats, do not hesitate to pass on Rascal’s story to them! I would like to express my gratitude to Jim and Cerise, Rascal’s proprietors, for authorizing me to share Rascal’s tale with everyone. Hopefully, you relished reading it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. Don’t miss out on meeting Rascal’s cat housemates, the Poly Dumplings, otherwise referred to as Gyoza Gnocchi. If adorable polydactyl cats are your weakness, then these two charming critters are sure to catch your attention!

If you’re interested in learning more about Gyoza and Gnocchi, head over to Cattitude Daily to read their feature. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the lovely photos courtesy of rascal_wild on Instagram.

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