“Lonesome Kitty Left in the Park with Heartbreaking Note and Food Can”

Perched inside a tiny crate at a Northridge, California park, an ash-colored feline named Puma gazed wistfully at the azure metal grates encircling her. Her forlorn hope was that someone would take notice of her predicament. The wild cat’s belongings were sparse and few – merely a can of food, a sheet, and a note which simply read “Cat for adoption – free”.

In due course, a bunch of worried locals spotted the Puma and congregated around the enclosure, unsure of what to do. Heather Plott, one of the onlookers, resolved not to leave the poor feline outside any further. “I couldn’t abandon her like that, so my neighbor and I lifted her cage and brought her to my place,” Heather recalled. Once home, she perused the note attached to the cage, which provided some essential information about the little guy. Heather learned that Puma is a male cat, aged two. As for Puma himself, he seemed to have adapted well to his new environment.

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Heather got in touch with Sandra Harrison, who serves as the executive director of Kitten Rescue, and made arrangements for Puma to be placed in a foster home.

Puma was finally at ease in his foster home, taking his time to settle in. Once he’s comfortable enough, Kitten Rescue will start the hunt for his perfect forever home.

Gradually, Puma is starting to appreciate the luxuriousness of having a caring home. Despite the label on his enclosure stating “available,” it is apparent to all that Puma is irreplaceable.

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