From Stray to Cherished: How One Special Cat Found Love Despite His Unique Needs

Every cat is unique from their personality to physical attributes. Ladie Marmie, a sweet kitty, has health issues, but that didn’t stop her from capturing her owner’s heart. Fortunately, there are individuals who don’t overlook special needs cats and provide them with the love and care they deserve. These cats, like Ladie Marmie, have an immense amount of love to give. Here is the heartwarming story of Ladie Marmie, as told by her owner Daisy, from the day she was adopted to living her dream life after two years.

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When did Marmie become a part of your life? In August 2017, I was working at an event called ‘Clear the Shelters’ in South LA as an adoption coordinator at an animal hospital in West Hollywood. While visiting the feral cat room, which was not open to the public, I spotted Marmie and was moved to tears by her poor condition. The cat was very dirty, underweight, had matted fur, multiple skin tears, black crust around her mouth, and kept sneezing. However, she was not feral and started rubbing her face against my fingers while purring when I greeted her. I noticed a red collar on her neck, which made me think she might have been lost or abandoned years ago. Despite my senior calico’s inability to get along with other cats, I knew I had to do something because Marmie would be euthanized in a few days. Therefore, I decided to give Marmie a second chance and welcomed her into my life.

What prompted you to rescue her? As an employee at an animal hospital, I have access to substantial discounts on veterinary bills. After seeing her sad eyes and knowing that she was scheduled to be euthanized in a few days, I couldn’t bear the thought of letting that happen. What was it like when you first brought her home with you? The first step was testing her for FIV, which came back positive. We then gave her three baths, during which we discovered that her skin was fragile due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a complex connective tissue disorder. I would sit with her on my lap, gently cutting out her matted fur while she purred contentedly. Her mouth was severely inflamed, so we opted for complete mouth extractions. Miraculously, she started eating right after the procedure, much to everyone’s surprise. However, a few months later, she was diagnosed with feline airway disease and a diaphragmatic hernia, and I was told there was no cure. Fortunately, I switched jobs and became employed at a specialty hospital where her specialist prescribed medication to control her asthma. While she still occasionally experiences flare-ups, I am able to keep her condition under control with medication and air purifiers.

Can you tell me Marmie’s age? According to the shelter, Marmie is approximately five years old. However, her doctor believes that she is at least 10 years old due to severe stomatitis that made it challenging to determine her actual age. Despite her potential age, Marmie doesn’t behave like a senior cat. In fact, she’s playful and energetic, more like a two-year-old! What are Marmie’s health issues? Marmie seems to have quite a few health concerns. She’s tested positive for FIV, has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and is toothless due to stomatitis. Additionally, she suffers from asthma, a diaphragmatic hernia, and an unusual spine.

Can you describe her character traits? Regarding her daily life, she is a contented feline. Nonetheless, she struggles with asthma and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which makes her prone to cuts and injuries. I’ve had to rush her to the emergency room three times this year for sutures and staples. Despite these challenges, Marmie is always lively, joyful, cuddly, and has recently started to express herself vocally. She adores playing with her white cat tube and duck, sleeping next to me at night, and waking me up by kneading and purring. She’s also a big foodie, devouring dry and wet food, as well as anything I drop on the floor by accident. Surprisingly, she loves going on walks on her harness, especially at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery where she enjoys rolling in the grass, watching the ducks, turtles, and peacocks. In our new residence, she spends her afternoons basking in the warm sunlight while rolling around.

What makes Marmie unique is her ability to provide comfort and joy to her owner, even on the toughest days. She never leaves her side, following her around the apartment and purring contentedly while watching her perform daily tasks like cooking or folding laundry. Marmie’s loyalty may stem from her difficult past as a street cat plagued by poor health and malnutrition. Her owner believes that Marmie truly appreciates the love and care she now receives. Sadly, earlier this year, Marmie’s owner lost her beloved cat, Willow, due to accidental lily poisoning. To prevent other cat owners from experiencing this tragedy, Daisy launched a petition urging for clear labeling of all bouquets containing lilies. This change is vital to avoid heartbreaking stories like Willow’s and keep cats safe.

Do you find yourself constantly craving more content of this adorable little girl? Follow her on Instagram @LadieMarmie for a daily dose of her cute photos and charming antics. A big shout-out to Daisy, her owner, for giving us the opportunity to share her heartwarming story with all of you lovely readers here at Cattitude Daily. All photo credits go to Ladie Marmie’s Instagram page.

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