Abandoned Canine Braves Harsh Weather After Being Deemed “Old and Worthless”

Dσg Was Thrσwn Out in Extreme Temρeratures Fσr Being “Old   Useless”

It’s heartbreaking how heartless some people can be towards dogs. When they become old or useless, they simply discard them. Nate Ohlman is no stranger to hard work; he works at the post office and understands that delivering mail in frigid temperatures is just part of the job. One cold morning, like any other, while driving, he came across something peculiar on the road.

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As Nate was driving his mail truck, he came across a frail dog struggling to keep warm in a ditch. At the sight of the helpless animal, Nate’s heart sank and he knew he had to intervene. Carefully approaching the dog so as not to frighten him, Nate discovered that the dog was a senior with poor eyesight and hearing. To get the dog’s attention, Nate had to make loud noises, and after some effort, the dog finally noticed him and ran towards the mail truck.

Nate lifted the dog onto his truck and realized the poor thing was suffering from frostbite and malnourishment. He decided to name him Sloan and the furry friend seemed to sense that Nate was a kind-hearted person, so he stayed put on the truck until they arrived at the veterinarian’s office. After leaving Sloan with the clinic, Nate left his contact information with the staff just in case they needed anything, then made his way to work.

After encountering Sloan, Nate couldn’t stop thinking about the sweet dog and who could have had the heart to abandon them. The thought of what Sloan had gone through made Nate incredibly sad. So, he made the decision to provide the furry friend with a loving home. Nate believed that there must have been a reason for their chance meeting and he prayed that Sloan would recover from their terrible state.

Upon learning about Sloan’s situation, ƘC Pet Project took action and provided assistance to ensure that Sloan receives proper care. They supported the staff and ensured that Sloan is placed in a foster home that has experience in caring for senior dogs.

When Sloan was discovered, he was approximately 12 years old. Initially, he faced difficulty adjusting to his new foster home. Nevertheless, it was evident that Sloan was making an effort to adapt and thrive in his new surroundings.

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