Recovering Feline Donning Mini Sombrero to Embrace New Life Indoors After Neglect

The resident of Arkansas was alarmed when they stumbled upon a weak feline wandering in an uncommon place. Initially, the intention was to simply rescue and nurture the cat back to health, but it quickly transformed into a perplexing medical situation. Stay tuned to learn about the fascinating rescue that turned into a life-saving endeavor with the assistance of some community heroes!

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An Unexpected Find Mia Mae was discovered in a wooded area near a lake by a caring resident who brought her to a local shelter. Upon arrival, the shelter staff noticed that she seemed to be quite feral. In order to provide Mia with the help and care she needed, the shelter contacted Sarah Richardson, a well-known cat rescuer and foster for Community Cats of Central Arkansas. When Sarah met Mia, she found the cat hiding under a pillow, refusing to come out or interact with any humans or other felines.

An Enigmatic Situation When Mia came over to Sarah’s place, Sarah noticed something amiss. Even though Mia appeared to be around three to five years old, Sarah observed that she was “extraordinarily petite” and “she had zero appetite.” Furthermore, on top of being severely undernourished and parched, Mia was beset with parasites. “I administered fluids and medications to get rid of the parasites. Mia’s flea dermatitis was so severe that it had caused her to lose patches of fur,” said Sarah. Despite Sarah’s best efforts, she became increasingly worried as Mia persisted in rejecting food.

The Enigma Resolved The discovery of Mia Mae’s medical condition finally came to light when Sarah took her to the vet for a spay surgery. Sarah recounted, “We had taken her to the veterinarian either to get her neutered or to see if she had already been neutered.” According to Sarah, Mia Mae was not neutered and during the procedure, the veterinarian diagnosed her with pyometra. She added, “The veterinarian confirmed that Mia Mae was fortunate since she would not have survived with that ailment. It is a miracle that she lived as long as she did with an internal infection.” Sarah emphasised that pet owners should spay and neuter their pets for various reasons. “Sterilisation does not only help to regulate population, but it also promotes the well-being of your feline. In numerous cases, it can make the difference between life and death,” Sarah concluded.

After receiving medical attention from the veterinarian, Mia underwent spaying and a dosage of antibiotics to remedy her infection. Gradually, Mia started eating small amounts of food until she reached a point where she consumed up to five cans of food daily! The funny part is that despite being a rescue cat, she is rather particular about her meals, favoring only Fancy Feast and tuna among all other options. With her pain taken care of, Mia now loves to play with her foster family and catch some snooze on their laps. Sarah elaborated that after recovery, Mia’s true personality shone through, revealing herself as a total lap cat.

Sarah’s rescue cat, Mia Mae, was named by her three children. They chose a name that perfectly suits her charming personality. According to Sarah, Mia Mae loves her name and responds with a meow every time she hears it. She also talks a lot, making her even more endearing. Sarah also discovered that Mia Mae’s skittish behavior wasn’t due to being feral; instead, she was in severe pain, which she is now recovering from. Despite the initial difficulties, Mia Mae is now an adorable and happy model cat.

According to Sarah, Mia Mae’s initial impression was that she was somewhat untamed, but that wasn’t true. She was just unwell at the time. However, after receiving the necessary care, she is now thriving and making the most of her indoor life. In fact, she has taken up a unique pastime – dressing up! Mia Mae enjoys dressing up in various outfits and playing with them. She even enjoys posing for the camera while wearing a tiny sombrero and playing with the tassel. The attention she receives for her little sombrero fills her with joy, Sarah mentioned.

The story of Mia Mae has a happy ending as she now boasts a healthy appearance that exudes her inner beauty. Her fur is now long and silky, and she has gained some necessary weight. Her soft meows almost sound like bells, and she loves to communicate with her foster family, expressing gratitude and affection. It won’t be long until she finds her forever home.

According to Sarah, Mia Mae must have had an owner before she was rescued as she is too kind and gentle to have experienced such a traumatic past. Despite posting about her on several Facebook groups for lost pets, no one came forward to claim her. Sarah is confident that Mia will eventually find a home where she can be loved and cherished. In the meantime, Sarah and her family plan on giving Mia all the affection and attention she deserves. Sarah Richardson is a true hero in Arkansas, rescuing adult and elderly cats in critical condition that many other rescuers would turn away. Her dedication to giving these cats a second chance at life is unwavering, and without her and her family’s efforts, many cats like Mia Mae would suffer a heartbreaking fate.

Sarah’s rescued cats are enjoying their new lives with loving families, thanks to her efforts. She funds the rescue operations on her own, and providing medical treatment to adult and elderly cats in need can be expensive. If you want to support Sarah’s cause, you can make a donation towards a cat’s medical care by clicking on the provided link. Alternatively, you can donate food and supplies directly from her Amazon wishlist. Your donations will help Sarah continue her life-saving work. Follow Sarah on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on her latest rescued cats.

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