Heartwarming Reunion: German Guard Reunites with Owner She Helped Survive Stroke

Brian Myers owes his life to the furry friend he rescued a few months ago. Their reunion after Myers was discharged from the hospital was even more touching than their first encounter. Myers came to the rescue of Sadie, his six-year-old German Shepherd, when she was surrendered to Ramapo-Bergen Animal Haven in New Jersey. However, the shelter had a hard time finding her a home because Sadie was nervous around men and had a defensive demeanor.

According to Heather Centrella, the front office manager at Ramapo-Bergen Animal Sanctuary, when Sadie first arrived, she was a little solitary and unsure of her surroundings. As a result, she became shut-down in the shelter, which made it clear that she needed a patient and experienced home. However, when Myers met Sadie, it only took him half an hour to decide that he wanted to take her home. Despite the issues she had with men, Myers was able to build a strong bond with her, and he vowed to provide her with the love and care she deserved.

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As shared by Myers to The Washington Post, his dog Sadie was crying and licking him so he comforted her by petting her with his right hand before grabbing her collar. Little did he know that Sadie would reciprocate the favor by saving his life a few months later. It was an ordinary night at home when Myers suddenly had a stroke and lost feeling on his left side. He was stuck between his bed and the wall, but thankfully Sadie was there to rescue him.

Myers shared a scary experience when he suffered a stroke and couldn’t move or reach his phone, which was on a cabinet 15 feet away. His dog, Sadie, immediately sprang into action by licking his face in an attempt to revive him. Sadie refused to leave Myers’ side and continued to bark for help, hoping the neighbors would hear her. When Myers tried to grab her collar, he was surprised by what happened next.

Sadie employed all her strength to move her dad towards his phone. Despite not being trained as a service animal, she sensed her owner’s distress and knew he needed help. It’s still unclear how she managed to do it, but she was able to assist him during a difficult situation.

Myers managed to grab his phone and called for assistance, and the medical staff at the hospital informed him that Sadie played a vital role in saving his life. While her father was at the medical center and later in rehabilitation, Sadie stayed with Myers’ family. Although they use FaceTime to communicate, Centrella revealed that Sadie gets emotional because she misses her father and wants to be with him. However, Myers assures her that he is doing everything possible to return home soon and reunite with her.

On the long-awaited day, Myers couldn’t contain his happiness as Sadie jumped into his arms and showered him with kisses, causing tears of joy to stream down his face. He expressed that adopting her was the best decision he had ever made and believed that it was fate bringing them together.

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