Mistaken Identity on the Highway: Woman Nearly Takes Home Baby Bobcat Thinking It’s a Stray Kitten

Jill Hicks, a resident of Chattanooga, Tennessee, had a heart-stopping moment when she spotted a small animal dashing along the road, almost about to collide with oncoming traffic. Initially, she believed it was a baby rabbit due to its fluffy fur, but as she drew closer, she realized that it was a tiny kitten. She parked her car and left the door open to slow down traffic before approaching the little feline. The kitten appeared to be agitated and began hissing and growling, but Jill managed to coax it into her arms.

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Jill Hicks successfully rescued a kitten that was about to run into oncoming traffic. She quickly wrapped the little furball in a warm sweater that she had in her car and held it close to her. Hicks initially thought that someone had thrown the kitten out, so she looked around and called for more cats hoping to find the kitten’s mother and siblings. Sadly, she didn’t find any other cats and decided to take the kitten home with her. Despite the possibility of being late or missing her dinner, Hicks prioritized the safety and well-being of this tiny creature.

According to Jill Hicks, she took the kitten with her in the car. However, the kitten was quite active and kept climbing all over her, making it difficult for her to drive. After stopping a few times, Hicks managed to calm the kitten down by wrapping her up in a sweater and petting her. As Hicks already had a big dog and an older cat at home, she decided not to bring the kitten inside the house. Instead, she set up a comfortable spot for the kitten in the garage, complete with a litter box, bowls of cat food and water, and a bed made out of a cardboard box with her sweater in it.

Jill Hicks was ecstatic to have rescued what she believed was a harmless domestic kitten. She even posted a photo of the furry little creature on Facebook, hoping to find a loving home for it. After leaving for dinner, Hicks returned home with plans to give the kitten a bath and snuggle with it in bed. However, her neighbor soon rushed over, informing her that the “kitten” might actually be a bobcat. Shocked, Hicks realized she had unknowingly taken in a wild animal instead of a pet.

Jill Hicks and her neighbor recently decided to check on a kitten that was hiding in a box. Upon picking up the little creature, Hicks found herself pondering its true identity. But it wasn’t long before she noticed something that gave it away – its tail. The cat’s tail was short and pointy, with a white spot on the end. The kitten also started growling a bit, which made Hicks suspect that it might actually be a bobcat.

Jill Hicks had an unexpected experience when she found a furry creature on the roadside. Amazed by her discovery, Hicks shared the incident on Facebook. She initially planned to rehome the ‘kitten,’ but later realized it was a baby bobcat, which brought a lot of attention to her post, making it go viral. Aware of how wild animals operate, Hicks understood that the bobcat wouldn’t be able to adapt to human habits, but she also couldn’t leave the helpless little one alone in the garage. As a result, she decided to sleep nearby to keep an eye on it.

Jill Hicks shared that she made sure to check on the baby bobcat every 30 minutes by turning on the light to ensure it was safe. Although the bobcat did not eat anything that night, Hicks encouraged it to drink plenty of water. The following morning, the bobcat finally ate some tuna fish. Afterward, Hicks contacted Juniper Russo, the director of For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue, who took in the baby bobcat. The little animal is believed to be around 7 weeks old.

Jill Hicks reported that the bobcat, who was given the name Arwen, was found to be suffering from anemia. Thankfully, Russo has been providing her with the necessary care needed to regain her strength and health. According to Russo, Arwen developed anemia shortly after she arrived, which could be due to various reasons, including being separated from her mother abruptly. Though Arwen required intensive care for a few days, she is now on the road to recovery. However, she will still need care until next spring. Eventually, Arwen will be released into a protected wilderness area where she can thrive and live safely.

Arwen is currently undergoing rehabilitation at For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue. The team believes that baby animals should be kept with their natural mothers whenever possible as it increases their chances of survival. Unfortunately, Arwen was found near a busy road and her den site was unknown, so reuniting with her mother wasn’t an option. However, the good news is that Arwen has started showing signs of improvement as she has become more aggressive lately. The team has even given her the nickname “Little Miss Murdermittens.”

The wildlife rescue organization, For Fox Sake, expressed on their Facebook page that they were pleased with the fearlessness and boldness of Arwen, a bobcat kitten who showed no interest in humans. Unfortunately, Hicks will not have the opportunity to reunite with Arwen as the rescue aims to limit human interaction with their animals. Nonetheless, Hicks can’t stop reminiscing about her experience rescuing the young bobcat on the road.

According to Hicks of For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue, the animal they rescued had a profound impact on him. He revealed that the creature had captured a tiny part of his heart, and it would stay with her forever.

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