Grateful Jawless Kitten Finds Home Thanks to Woman’s Kindness

One fortunate day in SriLanka, a kind-hearted citizen stumbled upon a kitten who was severely injured and in dire need of assistance. At the time, many believed that the kitten’s survival was unlikely. However, this brave little feline refused to give up hope and was determined to overcome the odds stacked against him. What he needed was someone to have faith in him. Continue reading to discover how this heroic individual gave the kitten a second chance at life.

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A Heartbreaking Incident The story of Toothless began with a tragic incident when he was just an 8-week-old pup. A dog had brutally attacked him and his sister, leaving Toothless in a critical condition. A kind-hearted woman named Madhushani found him dumped near her home and was devastated by the sight. Toothless was barely alive, lying helpless and motionless. Madhushani vividly remembers that he couldn’t even lift his head. It was a dire situation, and Toothless needed urgent medical attention if he was to survive.

Madhushani quickly picked up Toothless and his sister and brought them indoors to check for injuries. Upon examination, she found that Toothless had suffered severe damage to his mouth and tongue, which was hard to see. His lower jaw was fractured, and his tongue was badly hurt. To get immediate help, Madhushani took Toothless to the vet, where he received emergency surgery.

Madhushani expressed her surprise and delight when even their vet couldn’t believe how Toothless survived the attack. Given Toothless’ age and size, his chances of making it were slim. Nevertheless, Madhushani and her family remained resolute to ensure that Toothless recovered fully. During the recovery period, the family provided Toothless with excellent follow-up care. Madhushani was proud of the team’s efforts as they had never faced such a daunting challenge before.

Madhushani’s efforts were fruitful as Toothless managed to not only pull through, but was also able to make a full recovery from his injuries. Despite losing his jaw, Toothless’ open wounds were no longer a cause of concern for potential infections. After the ordeal, Madhushani shifted her attention towards adapting to Toothless’ long-term needs. “I now feed him manually and have to use specialized equipment to provide him with fluids,” she explained. With Toothless now 8 months old, he can finally relax knowing that he is under the care of someone who has his best interests at heart.

Assisting Paws, Soothing Souls Madhushani is grateful for the opportunity to save Toothless’ life, and the feline reciprocates with affectionate purring. According to Madhushani, Toothless enjoys snuggling and immediately starts purring upon seeing them. Toothless is quite vocal about his needs, despite his inability to meow properly. As Madhushani puts it, “He does his best!”

Toothless may have trouble meowing, but he makes up for it with his lovable personality and talkative nature. According to Madhushani, his owner, Toothless is a gentle and patient cat who doesn’t let his past injuries slow him down. Despite his challenges, he has adapted well and lives a lively and healthy life. Along with his sister, Toothless can often be seen snuggling up in cozy sweaters for long naps, making them an utterly adorable pair.

Madhushani expressed her gratitude towards Toothless and his sister, as they have taught her a lot and positively impacted her life. Despite the skepticism surrounding his survival and ability to thrive, Toothless surpassed expectations and proved everyone wrong. His remarkable journey showcases the resilience and endurance of animals with special needs.

Thanks to Madhushani’s kindness, Toothless finally received the unwavering love and care that he had always been worthy of!

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