A Stray Pup Rescued with the Words ‘Free’ and ‘Good Home Just’ Scrawled on Her Fur

The Ross County Humane Society reported that they received a call on May 24th about a dog left behind in a box at Yoctangee Park. Officers quickly responded to the scene and rescued the abandoned pooch. The animal was then taken to a humane society for evaluation and was later named Marvella, which symbolizes being amazed by a miracle.

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The dog that was found with permanent marker writing on her fur has been adopted by a family in the Chillicothe area after being discovered less than a week ago. Despite receiving around 90 adoption applications from all over the country, the Ross County Humane Society chose the lucky adopters for the dog named Marvella. The society also provided her with a good wash to remove as much of the markings as possible, as well as immunizations, treats, and a lot of love and affection. Currently, Marvella is enjoying her time playing at the Ross County Humane Society.

According to Thomas, this particular case will educate people on the fact that leaving a dog behind is never a viable solution, even if the owner cannot provide for it. He also expressed gratitude for the programs in place that assist dogs like Marvella, as many free dogs given away on platforms such as Craigslist are often used for nefarious purposes, such as bait in dogfighting rings or medical testing.

On Wednesday morning, Marvella, a cute little pup who had been marked with permanent marker on her fur, was successfully adopted from the Ross County Humane Society. The adoption process involves a thorough questionnaire regarding the dog’s behavior and health to ensure they are a good match for their new family. Additionally, there is usually a $50 surrender fee, but there are some situations where this fee can be waived, as explained by Thomas.

One way to locate nearby animal shelters, pet rescues, and humane societies is by utilizing social media.

Regrettably, Thomas mentioned that the situation with Marvella is not the most terrible thing that a dog has ever experienced. According to her, although alternative options may not be easy, there are always better choices available. The organization responsible for the welfare of animals takes care of numerous pets annually, including Marvella. If you wish to know more about this humane society or want to make a donation, visit their website.

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