“A Feline Fiasco: Misbehaving Ginger Cat Gets Banned from Beloved Shop”

Garfield, the popular feline who is loved by many at Sainsbury’s Supermarket in Ely, Cambridgeshire (England), has been barred from entering his beloved store due to reports of his misbehavior.

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Garfield, a friendly 9-year-old ginger cat, has made a daily routine of visiting a local supermarket that has become his second home. In particular, he loves lounging on a red couch in the Virgin Travel in-store concession, where he’s earned the nickname “Mr. Sainsbury’s” from the staff. Unfortunately, a complaint from a scratched little girl led to the Virgin head office banning Garfield from their Ely shop. However, Sainsbury’s Supermarket still welcomes the lovable feline in their lobby and car park. Despite the ban, many people have voiced their desire for Garfield’s return to the shop, arguing that one complaint should not lead to a ban and that parents should monitor their children around animals.

There were a few recommendations to relocate the couch in the lobby of the store. Tina Battaglia, the human companion of Garfield, acknowledged the response from fans on his page. She expressed her gratitude for all the support received, and while apologies were extended to those who may have been scratched or nipped by Garfield, most people do understand when a cat is giving warning signals. Tina also advised against tickling Garfield’s tummy, even if it may seem inviting.

“When Poppy crossed paths with Garfield, the latter gave a sleepy greeting with just one eye open and then dozed off again. The photo captured by Helena Scott shows the adorable moment. We can see how much joy Garfield brings to people of all ages. Although it’s sad that he was removed from his cozy sofa, we understand that Virgin staff must follow certain rules. We’re pretty sure they miss him just as much as we do.”

Gary Jacobs’ photo captured a man who frequents the Sainsbury’s car park often and is known to be seen in the store as well. The post suggests that people should continue to take pictures of him and share them. It seems like the man considers Sainsbury’s his second home, so he may not leave anytime soon. Lastly, there is a friendly reminder not to feed him, although everyone probably already knows that.

This morning, I took my son to Sainsbury’s and he was thrilled to meet Garfield, the ginger feline who has become quite popular among shoppers. In fact, many customers have reached out to the supermarket, requesting that a special arrangement be made for Garfield so he can have his own comfy couch. One customer received an email response from Edward Powell of Sainsbury’s, who confirmed that Garfield is considered a valuable member of the store team, and they are currently exploring the possibility of providing him with a sofa.

Hollie Hanslip captured a photo of Garfield, a friendly cat who was discovered as a stray by his humans six years ago. According to Aaron Cowan, Garfield enjoys being around people and even volunteered to assist with the construction of a new petrol station by hopping into a van to avoid getting wet in the rain.

Leah Payne shared a delightful experience of her daughter and friend being greeted by Garfield during their visit to Sainsbury’s for a quick shopping trip. The moment was captured in a photo by Aaron Cowan and has since brought smiles to many.

According to Pam Kerr‎, Garfield found a comfortable spot to relax in today! Leah Payne‎ captured the moment with a photo.

Sarah Follett shared a photo of her son stroking Mr Sainsbury’s, whom he is a big fan of. She expressed her son’s excitement in getting to meet him early in the morning.

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