Loyal Canine Mourns Owner’s Passing, Clinging to Coffin and Shedding Tears at Emotional Funeral. Heartbreaking Scene Leaves All in Grief Over the Loss of a Beloved Companion.

Dogs are known for their unwavering loyalty to their owners, making them beloved companions to humans. However, when their owners pass away, dogs can experience immense sorrow and longing for those who once cared for them. A heartwarming story has recently been circulating on social media in the Philippines, showcasing the deep connection between dogs and their owners. The story revolves around a lost dog with beautiful flank fur and a small yellow spot on its head and ears that was found in Manila, Philippines four years ago. The lucky canine was adopted by a kind-hearted man named Carmelito Marcelo, a professor at Mabalacat City University in Pampanga, Philippines. He named the dog Buboy and gave him a loving home.

Initially, Buboy was a homeless dog that was discovered by a teacher who grew quite fond of him. The teacher made sure to feed and care for Buboy, which led to a strong bond between the two. As a result of this bond, Buboy would frequently visit the school and stay close to the teacher, often playing with him on campus.

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One time, a teacher suffered a stroke and Buboy, the dog, remained clueless of what occurred. He stayed outside the classroom and patiently waited. Even though his beloved teacher passed away, Buboy remains unaware and continues to wait at the entrance every day. The melancholic expression on his face has saddened both students and faculty in the school.

Afterwards, Buboy was accompanied to the funeral by the professor’s pupils. As Buboy had high hopes for his teacher, the students thought it fitting to bring him to the ceremony so he could bid his final farewell. When they arrived at the funeral, Buboy wept bitterly at the sight of his teacher’s casket. His outpouring of grief moved everyone present and touched their hearts deeply.

Buboy remained still beside the casket of his beloved Professor. The loyal dog even touched the photograph with his front paws and stayed peacefully beside the coffin for a considerable amount of time. It appeared as though Buboy knew that this could be their final meeting with his dear friend and mentor, the old professor.

After the professor’s passing, Buboy was taken care of by the school’s kind-hearted students and staff. They have decided to help him find a comfortable and loving new home. The community at the school stepped up to raise the little pup and will continue to support him until he finds a new owner who will cherish him just as much as his old professor did.

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