“Feline Surprise: Mama Cats Birth Adorable Litter of Eight on Woman’s Patio”

Let’s do a quick math exercise, shall we? What’s the sum of two and eight? If you answered ten, congratulations! Because that’s precisely how many felines showed up at this woman’s doorstep. She had been generously feeding two stray cats who happened to be siblings, and before she knew it, they came knocking with eight adorable kittens in tow.

Meet the two lovely mother cats, Apollo and Artemis. You can easily spot them, with Apollo on your right and Artemis on your left.

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Great news! The stray cats that were wandering around without a home are now living in a safe and secure environment. Thanks to Thi, Thoa, and Tram Bui from Lilo, the Husky, who generously offered to foster the feline family, these cats can now raise their babies in a loving home.

Shortly after, the kittens were bestowed with names. Meet Reese, Phantom, Salem, and Stella – they belong to Apollo. While Casper, Kit Kat, Jack, and Wendy are the adorable little ones of Artemis.

Oh my goodness, how cute! These four little ones now have a lovely new abode right next to their mama, free from the harsh realities of street life. They’re only about a week younger than Apollo’s litter, and Bui isn’t quite sure how the two females – Artemis and Apollo – wound up without a home, but they’re both super friendly.

According to Bui, the two mother cats frequently embrace each other while feeding their kittens.

The two mothers will alternate in taking care of the baby if one of them needs to eat or rest. Bui remarked that their home was full of adorable moments.

It’s evident that Bui was the chosen one, as both mama cats trusted her enough to bring their babies to her. Animals have a way of sensing good people. Bui happily shared an update that all eight kittens were adopted into loving homes.

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