“Two Little Pups Left to Brave the Rain and Roadside Alone at Night”

Angels4 Animals Rescues is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Timisoara, Romania that is dedicated to rescuing and providing aid to as many vulnerable animals as possible. The team works tirelessly to rescue hundreds of dogs and find them loving homes abroad. However, they constantly require assistance and support to continue their important work. Recently, the Angels 4 Animals “Rescue team” received a call from a compassionate truck driver who discovered two tiny puppies stranded beside a highway. It’s disheartening to think about what kind of person would abandon two helpless puppies in the middle of the night, during heavy rain. Nonetheless, we are grateful for people like this driver who alert us about these situations so that we can offer our assistance and give these innocent animals the help they need.

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A pair of cute puppies were spotted near the bustling road that connects Birda to Voiteg. Tragically, one of them had already met with a fatal accident and was found dead on the road. Fortunately, the other pup was rescued and is now safe with us. It’s disheartening to witness such cruelty towards innocent animals, and all we can do is hope for justice to prevail against those responsible for this act.

The little pup was in good health, all he required was a nice, warm bath. The kind-hearted individuals took him to the animal shelter, and just after a day, the little fella began to reveal his lively personality.

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