Heroic Pooch Endangered Himself To Shield Owner From Gun-Toting Robbers

He was struck by three bullets, yet he refused to allow the assailants to approach his son.

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Rex is a resident of Washington state who belongs to the German Shepherd breed. He resides with his family and recently, he displayed heroic behavior by putting his life in danger to protect his teenage brother, Javier. Rex’s bravery makes him worthy of being called a true hero.

Last Wednesday afternoon, two burglars entered the house where Rex and Javier were the only occupants. In a state of fear, Javier ran upstairs and took refuge in a closet while calling the police for help. Unlike Javier, Rex heroically stood his ground and confronted the intruders as per Javier’s aunt. The robbers attacked Rex, but he fought back with all his might before finally running away.

After getting attacked, Rex hurried to the upper level to make sure his owner was safe, as Susy Cadena recounted. The intruders continued to cause destruction in each bedroom until they reached the one where Susy’s relative was hiding. Despite being battered and injured, Rex launched himself at the thieves with all his remaining energy, fully aware that the young boy’s life was at risk.

The thieves proceeded to shoot Rex, causing him to suffer from at least three gunshot wounds. Afterwards, they fled the area, leaving Javier unscathed.

Rex found himself in a new fight when he was taken to BluePearl Veterinary Clinic in Renton, with officials after him. Although he was stabilized, his family could not afford the surgery needed to save him. Fortunately, numerous kind-hearted people stepped up to help. A GoFundMe campaign was started by Cadena, with the aim of raising $10,000 to cover Rex’s medical bills. In just a few days, however, over $60,000 had been collected in donations.

On Friday, Rex underwent a life-saving operation that went smoothly. Luckily, he was given the green light to leave the hospital on Sunday and is now recuperating at home with his loved ones who will be there for him every step of the way. According to Rex’s family, they are extremely relieved that he is doing much better, but they acknowledge that it will take a great deal of care, time, and affection from them to help him bounce back to his old self. However, they are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to speed up his recovery as much as possible.

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