Get to know Yoda, the feline with an extraordinary set of FOUR ears

If the Caped Crusader had a feline companion, it might resemble this quirky kitty. Meet Yoda, a household pet with an extraordinary appearance – he was born with an additional set of ears! Valerie and Ted Rock welcomed him into their home in Chicago two years ago, after discovering him at a bar where he was being passed around by curious patrons. Yoda was just one of many kittens in his litter, and his owners were seeking a new family for him.

Yoda, the two-year-old house cat, is a special feline with four ears. The couple who owns him saw him in a pub being passed around in a small cage and immediately fell in love with him. Despite having lost their previous pet of over 20 years, they decided to adopt him. Yoda crawled up to Ted’s neck and fell asleep, sealing the deal for the couple. They named him after the iconic Jedi master from Star Wars. After bringing him home, they had him checked out with the local vet. It is believed that George Lucas’ cat inspired the character of Yoda.

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Valerie Rock became the owner of Yoda, a cat that was being passed around in a bar in Chicago. However, when she took him to the vet, they were puzzled by his unique appearance. According to Valerie, the vet had never seen anything like it before and resorted to searching the internet where they found a similar four-eared cat in Germany. Other vets who were consulted also had not encountered such an anomaly. This led Valerie to realize that she had something special in her hands. Consequently, Yoda has been an indoor cat with a chip installed to prevent him from getting lost or being catnapped. Yoda’s extra “flaps” are distinct from the base of his skull, with one behind the other. Despite his unusual looks, Valerie is confident that Yoda’s behavior and hearing are entirely normal. She adds that people do a double-take when they see him or his picture and enjoy showing him off.

Meet Yoda, a feline named after the wise character of Star Wars. Despite having four ears, Yoda is a perfectly normal and friendly cat that brings joy to his owners. However, some people have mistaken his unique feature as a result of ear-cutting, which is not the case. Yoda has an interesting obsession with bread and his purring is not audible, but can be felt through vibrations on his throat. He is also not very vocal, only meowing softly and occasionally. Yoda’s sociable and fearless personality sets him apart from his other feline companions.

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