Introducing Juno: The Fierce Feline with Totally Awesome Coat

Cats are fascinating creatures, and one of their most striking features is undoubtedly their beautiful fur. With the exception of hairless breeds, most cats boast coats that come in a variety of patterns and colors, from stripes and solids to patches, ticks, and swirls. As cat lovers, we can’t resist running our hands through their plush fur. Juno, a feline from New Jersey, is a prime example of a cat with stunning fur and an enigmatic expression that makes you wonder if he’s permanently grumpy. Cats have a talent for looking as though they were put on this earth to judge us mere mortals, and Juno has truly mastered the art of conveying attitudes through his facial expressions.

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A couple of years back, Juno became an internet sensation when his owner began sharing pictures of him online. Since then, he has amassed a massive fan base, currently standing at 188k followers and constantly increasing! Fans of felines love Juno for his unique looks, with his majestic coat of floating fluff around his imposing figure.

Juno’s Instagram profile is quite entertaining. It says, “I’m sorry to disappoint, but I’m just a mixed breed.” She’s been judging everything since October 2012. Juno has perfected the skill of looking unamused all the time, as you can see.

Juno, accompanied by his loyal human attendant, Entertained? “Ha!” Exclaims Juno…

Juno and his human seem to share a love for humor, evident from the way Juno enjoys posing for the camera. Despite having to share the spotlight with his feline siblings, Juno is quite comfortable in front of the lens. It looks like their home is filled with a lot of fluffy companions.

The exact background of Juno’s breed is unknown, but his owner proudly claims that he is a mix of Himalayan and Burmese, and 100% gorgeous. Looking at this feline’s face, it’s hard to argue otherwise. Juno has perfected the “I won’t take your nonsense, human” expression that we all wish we could pull off. He’s a master of setting the mood, and I applaud his boldness. Well done, Juno!

Overall, it’s evident that Juno is quite the trooper. He looks absolutely adorable all decked out for the holiday season!

Towards the end of 2016, Dominique Teta, the owner of Juno, began posting pictures of her expressive feline on social media. Despite some people assuming that Juno was an “angry cat,” as Dominique spoke with NY Daily News, it turns out that Juno is actually quite sweet. Even though he gives people a judgmental look sometimes, Dominique believes that it is his way of saying he loves them. Juno is always around and interested in what people are doing, so he is more like a dog-like cat with a docile demeanor and loving personality. Contrary to what many may think, Juno is a loving cat in real life.

You really played us with your charming appearance, you clever feline performer!

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