“From Struggle to Play: Heartwarming Story of a Black Labrador with Cleft Lip and Palate”

Meet Felix, the adorable black lab residing in Alaska, USA. His captivating journey has garnered a huge following on Imgur, where fans relish his furry evolution. Jamie, Felix’s father, shared with Bored Panda that he has been nurturing him since he was only eleven days old. As a rescue worker summoned by the breeder, Jamie rescued Felix from an untimely demise due to severe cleft palate and cleft lip. The puppy was unable to nurse properly and was slowly dying.

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Getting this furry companion out was quite a task. According to Jamie, the little guy had aspiration pneumonia and his chances of surviving were slim- he wouldn’t have lasted another day. I decided to take him under my wing and nursed him back to health for the next seven weeks, feeding him through a tube and helping him cope with his illness. He’s now 14 months old and a lovable black labrador!

The exact reason behind cleft lip and palate remains unknown. Jamie speculates that this abnormality can manifest in both humans and animals due to inadequate nutrition or exposure to certain substances during pregnancy.

Meet Felix, the Labrador who is not letting his medical conditions hold him back from living life to the fullest. Despite having digestive issues and a misaligned jaw, Felix still manages to have a great time. Additionally, he only has one functional eye and his intestines are located on the opposite side of his body, giving him a unique facial expression. But, this fighter proves that nothing can stop him from enjoying himself and having fun.

According to Jamie, her pet can only consume canned food as his teeth are unmatched. Although she occasionally provides him with hard food to make him feel included, he doesn’t seem to enjoy it. Instead, it keeps him occupied.

Earlier this year, Felix underwent surgery to correct his cleft lip and palate. The dog’s owner reported that he had a one-sided cleft affecting both his hard and soft palates. Thankfully, the veterinarian performed an excellent job using Felix’s own tissue to reconstruct his palatal issues.

Before his medical treatment, Felix had difficulty with his eating and drinking routine. His dad had to wash off the food from his cleft each time he was fed.

Jamie shared that after the medical treatment, the individual developed a neurological quirk where he turns around and barks at the air from time to time. The reason behind this behavior could be the dislocation of his head. Jamie added that they are currently trying out fresh medicines to determine if they can alleviate his condition.

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