Introducing the Cute Feline with Dual Nostrils and Double Muzzles, Rescued and Adopted by a Compassionate Vet!

While Ralph Tran was relocating from New York to California, he received an urgent call from an animal rescue on July 14, 2019. The rescue team was seeking his expertise in caring for neonatal kittens as they had discovered a tiny newborn kitten in Colorado that required immediate assistance. Ralph readily accepted the request as he had been a veterinarian specializing in kitten care for several years.

According to @duotwofacedcat on Instagram, Ralph found out that the kitten was only a few hours old and had been given up for adoption because her biological mother rejected her. Upon further examination, he discovered that the kitten had diprosopus, a very rare condition caused by an excess of sonic hedgehog protein during fetal development. This results in the duplication of facial features while the rest of the body and limbs remain normal. Ralph explains that the sonic hedgehog protein is responsible for the development of facial features in the womb.

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Ralph, a person with expertise in taking care of neonatal kittens and special needs cats, eagerly took on the responsibility of caring for a little black kitten with two faces. He already had experience looking after three blind cats and was determined to help Duo, the name he gave to the kitten he picked up from the rescue when she was just three hours old. Ralph was confident that he could do everything possible to ensure that the little kitten would survive and thrive.

The adorable kitten, Duo, required frequent feeding due to her young age. However, her owner Ralph noticed that she had difficulty latching onto the bottle. Despite this setback, Ralph was determined to provide the best possible care for Duo. To ensure she received proper nourishment, he resorted to feeding her through a tube inserted into her esophagus.

According to Ralph, he didn’t expect Duo to live for more than a few hours. However, thanks to tube feeding, Duo was able to grow and put on weight successfully. Additionally, for the first three months, she needed to be tube-fed every two to three hours to ensure her survival.

Ralph’s dedication to helping Duo, a special cat, was unwavering even though he worked as a full-time veterinarian. He maintained a strict schedule until the day came when Duo was able to eat independently. However, the challenge arose when Duo frequently got food in her middle eyes while eating, which led to chronic infections.

According to an Instagram post by @duotwofacedcat, Duo had to undergo a surgery on March 11, 2020, in order to permanently treat a recurring problem. Ralph, who is the cat’s owner, explained that the two non-functional eyes had been a source of constant discomfort and infection, which is why they had to be removed.

Duo, the famous two-faced cat, recently underwent surgery while she was unconscious. The procedures included spaying and treating entropion, a condition that affects the outer eyes. With entropion, the eyelids roll inwards and cause the eyelashes to scratch against the eye’s surface, leading to discomfort. Ralph, the owner, expressed his concern over Duo’s constant discomfort due to this issue.

Duo, the adorable cat with two faces, has successfully recovered from her surgeries with the help of Ralph. Thanks to Ralph’s care, Duo is now pain-free and enjoying life to the fullest. Ralph shares that since the operations, Duo’s two outer eyes can open completely and she has improved her coordination significantly. Duo is now thriving and happier than ever before!

Despite Duo’s success, diprosopus is a largely misunderstood condition due to its extreme rarity. Many people mistakenly associate it with conjoined twins, who are identical twins joined together in the womb. However, Ralph has clarified that conjoined twins can present in many different ways due to various types of fusion, while diprosopus is caused by an overabundance of protein during embryonic development, resulting in the duplication of certain facial features.

Duo, who has become a social media sensation, was born with an additional nose, mouth, and eyes, but she only has one brain, which is a common question that Ralph frequently receives from those who are not familiar with diprosopus. Despite her distinctive look, Duo is an ecstatic and energetic cat, and Ralph is convinced that, like other special needs cats, she has the potential to lead a healthy and satisfying life. According to Ralph, animals with special needs are unaware of their disabilities, and they do not dwell on negatives or think about them. Instead, they adapt to their situations and make the most of them.

Duo, the cat with a striking appearance, seems to be blissfully unaware of her uniqueness. Her life is just as normal as any other feline, thanks to the excellent care she has received since birth. According to Ralph, her owner, Duo loves playing with her furry companions, purrs contently, and grooms herself regularly. However, like any other pet, she can get annoyed and hiss, especially when having her nails trimmed. Despite her unconventional looks, Duo behaves like a standard cat and enjoys an ordinary life.

Aside from being playful, Duo has a great love for food, despite her past difficulties with eating. Ralph is convinced that meal times are the highlight of her day, as she eagerly waits for the sound of the can opening and runs in circles around her food bowl waiting for her meal to be served.

In July of 2019, Ralph had a life-changing encounter with a newborn pup named Duo. At the time, Duo’s survival was uncertain, and Ralph was unsure if she would make it through the night. Despite the odds, Ralph made it his mission to save Duo’s life. Now, almost nine months later, Duo is thriving. Ralph admits that he played a crucial role in her survival, but he’s quick to acknowledge that Duo’s strength and determination played an equally important role. “Duo has overcome obstacles, but she hasn’t let them hold her back,” Ralph explains. “Her perseverance has taught me that every animal deserves a chance.”

If you’re interested in getting to know this stunning feline, be sure to check out Duo’s Instagram account under the handle @duotwofacedcat.

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