A Gentle Reminder to Tap on Your Vehicle’s Hood Before Taking Off in Cold Weather – A Hanover Lesson!

In Maryland, a popular animal welfare public service announcement (PSA) advises car owners to tap their car hoods to check for cats hiding in their engines during the winter months. Stray cats often seek shelter in the warm engines of parked cars, particularly in cities like Baltimore where there are many vehicles on the streets. Recently, a cat in Baltimore City was discovered hiding in a car engine after seeking refuge from the cold.

BARCS posted on their Facebook page about Hanover, a cat who was brought in covered in wounds, engine grease, and soot. Hanover was found lying on Boston Street and was rescued by a woman who noticed him while driving. Upon arriving at the shelter, Hanover was in bad condition with bleeding from his mouth along with large abrasions streaked with a black grease-like substance. Even the pads of his feet were injured and covered in oil and grease. Despite his painful injuries, Hanover’s biggest concern was rubbing, loving, and purring on the staff. This incident highlights the importance of checking for cats under the hood of your car, as it can prevent engine burns and cats falling or jumping out while the vehicle is moving. A simple reminder note on your driver side window could be the difference between life and death for these furry creatures.

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Hanover is currently recuperating in the care of a highly skilled medical foster and his survival is nothing short of miraculous. According to his foster mom, Hanover is eating and drinking well. He’s also found comfort in relaxing on the cool tile floor and taking naps in his cozy bed. The road to recovery is a long one for Hanover, but he’s thankfully receiving the necessary treatment he needs, including antibiotics, pain medication, and frequent check-ups with both BARCS veterinarians and their Franky Fund partner hospital. Despite the challenges, Hanover has already overcome the worst parts of his ordeal. Once he’s made a full recovery, he’ll be searching for a loving and permanent home.

Attribution: Facebook/BARCS is the rightful owner of the photo credits. Don’t forget to check out BARCS Animal Shelter’s page on Facebook! Source: www.iizcat.com.

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