A One-Eyed Feline Finds New Home After Being Rescued From a High Kill Shelter

In Michigan, senior animals in need of adoption often face an uphill battle. With many adopters seeking younger animals like kittens, it can be especially tough for seniors with health issues. One such cat was Apollo, who found himself stuck in a high kill shelter for two months without being adopted. Thankfully, the shelter workers showed compassion and spared him from being put down, but time was running out.

When Nancy Hutchinson laid eyes on him, she knew she had to intervene. As the founder of Michigan Cat Rescue, she made the decision to rescue him from the shelter and take him in as a foster with the ultimate goal of finding him his forever home.

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In the past, he had a wonderful family. The person who owned him was an elderly woman who adored and looked after him well. Sadly, she had to be moved to a nursing home. After Hutchinson adopted Apollo, things took a turn for the worse. The poor dog’s health began deteriorating quickly. He contracted an upper-respiratory infection, pneumonia, and an intense eye infection.

She hurriedly took the senior cat to the veterinarian, but despite trying different treatments, his eye didn’t heal. Unfortunately, his eye eventually burst, leaving him with only one eye. This made finding a new home for him even more difficult. Hutchinson shared with The Dodo how a lady once came up to him at an adoption event and insulted his appearance, causing him to feel ashamed and lowering his self-esteem. The heartbreaking incident left Hutchinson in tears.

The founder of the rescue took drastic steps to ensure that the adorable little boy found a loving home. To achieve this, she decided to boost an adoption post on Facebook by paying for it. The post eventually reached over 130,000 people, leading to an influx of applications. However, the founder exercised caution in her selection process to ensure that Apollo would be placed in the best possible home. She stated that they were very particular about who they gave their cats to, as they wanted them to reside indoors with a responsible family. After receiving an application from Denise, a financially stable woman in her fifties who lived alone, the founder knew that she was the right choice. She was moved to tears and felt that Denise was the perfect match for Apollo.

After a long wait of two years, the fortunate cat has finally found his forever home, and he is overjoyed. Every night, he snuggles up close to his new owner and eagerly waits at the door for her return from work. There are numerous cats like Apollo who are in need of loving homes. They may not be perfect in appearance, but they have kind hearts and souls that deserve another chance. If you are interested in adopting a cat from the Michigan Cat Rescue, their Facebook page provides the necessary information. Additionally, you can use Petfinder, a website dedicated to helping people find pets available for adoption in their area.

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