“Feline Rescue Mission: Abandoned Cats Saved from Demolished Building”

As the workers started to take down an old and abandoned apartment building in Queens, New York, cats appeared from unexpected places. The building’s owner, Isaac Silberstein, stated that when the walls were opened, felines of all sizes, from kittens to mature cats, suddenly emerged. It was a surprising sight for everyone involved.

The demolition of a property in Ridgewood, Queens has been delayed as locals are trying to find a solution for the cats and kittens left behind by a tenant who hoarded them. These feline residents have been named the Onderdonk Orphans due to their location on Onderdonk Avenue. Neighbors have joined forces to help these shy and frightened animals find new homes, as they were left to fend for themselves during the demolition process. However, some cats seem to have been harmed in attempts to force them out, with unknown individuals allegedly using bleach in the area.

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According to Carissa Aguirre, the founder of ATail of Two Kitties, a rescue group located in Ridgewood, the main priority should be finding permanent homes for cats in need rather than dwelling on their unfortunate pasts. The clock is ticking as these felines are at risk of being put down if they aren’t placed into loving homes soon. Aguirre emphasizes the urgent need for foster parents and adopters to step up and help save these cats’ lives. Securing homes for these animals is of utmost importance.

Aguirre’s group has successfully saved around 25 cats and kittens from the location, and according to her, their number is continuously rising. Some of them were rescued by neighboring organizations, while others were already saved by concerned individuals. There were roughly 40 cats on the premises, and several are still missing. Aguirre also mentioned that some have already run away, so they need to be caught outside.

The felines that were taken away from the location are slowly getting used to their new safe environment. One of the ebony cats, who was previously frightened, is now receiving affectionate scratches on her head from her rescuers. A Facebook user named A Tail of Two Cities mentioned that this particular black cat has let go of her fears and is prepared to abandon her tragic past and begin anew in a forever home. We presently have around ten cats that require urgent placement, and this number is increasing daily! Despite the fact that time passes and the story fades from memory, these homeless animals will still be waiting for someone to rescue them. This is a collaborative effort, and we cannot accomplish it alone. Therefore, please do your part by sharing this information with as many people as possible.

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