Introducing Loki Kitteh: The Adorably Snuggly Feline Bloodsucker

Having a distinct appearance can sometimes catch people’s attention right away. Angel, a cat in a shelter, was treated poorly by other cats due to her unique appearance that made her look angry all the time. When Kaetlyn Koch volunteered at Chittenden County Humane Society in Portland, Maine, she came across a photo of Angel being kept safe in an employee’s office because she was being unfairly attacked by other shelter cats. Although Koch had no intention of getting a pet, she felt compelled to meet Angel, now known as Loki Kitteh, and ended up adopting her.

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They crossed paths, and the rest became history! Koch shared her encounter with a feline at the office, which was initially reserved and seemed bothered. The employees fed the cat treats before it retreated to the darkness of the desk. They explained that the cat was shy and only showed affection towards certain people. The following day, Koch brought the charming vampire cat named Loki Kitteh home with her.

When it came time to name the shelter kitty with sharp teeth and an adorable scowl, the choice was clear: Loki. The moniker pays tribute to a Norse god and suits the feline’s fierce nature much better than something like “angel.” Initially shy, Loki warmed up quickly and now shows nothing but affection to her cat mom. In fact, according to the owner, Loki is the most snuggly and loving cat she’s ever had.

Become a member of our community and gain exclusive access to fresh content, including informative articles, helpful guides, honest reviews, intriguing feline facts, and other exciting updates. According to reports, Loki Kitteh is in perfect health and has good eyesight. Despite having to keep one eye open as it does not close fully, she still manages to look cute and charming, almost like a feline vampire! Although her past remains a mystery and her owner, Koch, adopted her when she was just 8 years old, she still showers her with love and affection to make up for lost time.

The initial Instagram post of Loki Kitteh, dating back to January 2015.

This older female cat spends her time being incredibly charming and photogenic. In the five years that she’s been a famous feline, she’s gained a considerable following of fans. Her Instagram account has over 473k followers who are constantly amazed by her innate cuteness that she shows off with ease every day. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Loki Kitteh, as she is just the most adorable cat ever! If I were lucky enough to be her owner, I would definitely spend all day staring at her and smiling.

If you’re interested in following this attractive woman on social media, you can locate her on Instagram by searching for @Loki_Kitten, or you can visit her on Facebook under the name The little Vampire Cat.

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