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Frightened Feline Clings to Man’s Shoulder, Finding Safety in His Promise of Love and Protection

Scared Kitten Rides Shoulder of Man Who Promises to Love   Protect Her

During May 2020, a resident from Arkansas stumbled upon an extraordinary event while cleaning one of her rental properties. She was surprised to find a mother cat with three adorable kittens residing under the home. Little did she know that this discovery would lead to an unexpected encounter between one of the kittens and a sorrowful man whose life would never be the same again.

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A Heartbreaking Event Let’s go back in time to November 2019. Ben, a resident of Little Rock, had to face the heart-wrenching loss of his dear Siamese cat, Agnes. At the age of 11, Agnes’ health had deteriorated and she eventually passed away. The timing of her demise was particularly painful for Ben as it happened only a week before the first anniversary of his mother’s passing. The double grief proved too much for Ben, leaving him utterly shattered and helpless.

Ben’s situation was compounded by the fact that he and his significant other were in a long-distance relationship working in separate states. This proved to be a difficult period for Ben, who found solace in the company of his loyal companion, Agnes. Losing Agnes was like losing a part of his family, and with his mother gone too, Ben was left feeling lonely and heartbroken. The void in his heart left by Agnes’s passing could not be filled by any other cat as she was irreplaceable. Ben had no desire to adopt another cat solely for the purpose of filling the void left by Agnes. Thus, he was not yet ready to welcome a new furry friend into his home.

Ben was determined to adopt a new cat for the right reasons. He expressed to National Kitty that he wasn’t looking for a replacement for his beloved Agnes, but instead, he wanted to honor her memory by adopting another Siamese cat. Although it took a few months, Ben eventually realized he could open his heart to another cat without feeling like he was replacing Agnes. His veterinarian even sent him pictures of Siamese kittens, reassuring him that they were more common than he thought and he could adopt one whenever he felt ready.

According to Ben, they were resolute about adopting a kitten instead of purchasing one. Coincidentally, on his birthday, the vet forwarded him an image of a feline that matched their preferences. The kitty was a Siamese breed and was found along with its mom and littermates under an abandoned rental property. Eventually, on May 17th, Ben went to meet this cute feline that his vet had recommended.

As soon as Ben laid eyes on the adorable kitten, he knew he was done for. His heart had been captured in an instant! He wasted no time in making up his mind – this little ball of fur was going home with him. It felt like destiny had brought them together – the perfect Siamese rescue kitten was just waiting to join Ben’s family forever. With joy in his heart, Ben extended a warm invitation to the kitten to come and live with him in his home.

A lovely title for an exquisite lady This frightened feline that was discovered beneath the rental property had finally found solace in the arms of a caring household. Ben arrived home and immediately set about considering an appropriate name for her while he worked. She nestled comfortably, content in the knowledge that she was finally safe.

Ben, a scientist, initially considered naming her daughter “Curie” as a tribute to the renowned double-Nobel laureate from Poland, Marie Curie. Another name he liked was “Roxanne,” which could be shortened to “Roxie.” Meanwhile, Ben’s partner preferred an old-fashioned name similar to Agnes and proposed “Maxine,” which could be abbreviated as “Max.” After some discussion, they settled on a compromise and named their daughter “Moxie!”

Feline Education Center As soon as Ben met his new feline companion, Moxie, they hit it off immediately! They became the best of pals in no time at all. Moxie was a spry and lively kitten who simply adored playing around and having fun. Ben realized that this was the ideal moment to teach Moxie some valuable lessons. He started guiding her on how to channel her boundless energy and focus it towards achieving some objectives.

According to Ben, he has been teaching Moxie using the clicker method of training. He proudly shared that she can now sit and stand on her back legs when commanded. Despite being a cat, Moxie is not an exception in terms of trainability as Ben believes that, like dogs, cats can be trained too with patience and consistency. Moxie seems to enjoy these training sessions, which Ben fondly calls “kitten school” as it provides another opportunity for her to play. It takes a lot of effort to be as adorable as Moxie, so when she gets tired, she likes to curl up on Ben’s lap for a well-deserved nap.

Whenever her dad comes back from work or errands, Moxie never hesitates to welcome him with open paws. She happily snuggles on his shoulders, giving him affectionate smooches and playful nudges. Ben’s loyal companion, Moxie, is always by his side no matter where he goes. Their inseparable bond will undoubtedly last a lifetime, and they’re sure to create many more cherished memories together. This siamese daddy and his little fur baby have an infinite future of adventures to look forward to.

A Delightful Ending Moxie’s blend of intelligence and charm make her an ideal fit for Ben’s household. Waiting for the right moment to cross paths with Moxie has paid off for Ben and his partner, bringing them immense joy. Their decision to adopt a rescued kitten has been rightfully fulfilled. Ben has no doubt that Agnes would be overjoyed with their choice!

Ben is displaying his artwork to Moxie, which features his beloved cat Agnes who has passed away.

Ben shared with Moxie a beautiful artwork depicting his beloved feline, Agnes.

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