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A Feline in Charge: How a Stray Kitty Became the Top Dog at a Daycare, Without Even Realizing He’s a Cat

Stray Kitten Becomes Doggie Daycare Manager – Doesn’t Know He’s a Cat

One evening at a doggie daycare in Jonesboro, Arkansas, something unexpected happened. An employee left the police station to report a car accident and discovered a peculiar surprise awaiting him. Strange noises were coming from under the hood of his car, and upon investigating, he found a lively orange kitten inside! This chance encounter led to an interesting job opportunity for the fortunate feline. Read on to discover more about this fortunate feline’s lucky break.

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Keeping watch Jonesboro, Arkansas is now home to the second location of Hounds’ Hideaway, a doggie daycare and boarding facility. The original Hounds’ Hideaway, located in a nearby town, has a resident pet and the new location is eager to do the same. They are currently on the lookout for the perfect animal to call their facility home.

The new establishment decided to hold off on having a permanent animal resident until they were fully settled in and up and running. Little did they expect that destiny had a surprise waiting for them.

A Serendipitous Meeting Hailey, the manager of Hounds’ Hideaway in Jonesboro, had no plan of adopting a resident pet anytime soon. However, fate had other plans in store for her and her team. One chilly winter evening, one of Hailey’s colleagues stumbled upon a beautiful creature, resulting in a life-altering decision for the business.

Hailey recounted an interesting incident involving one of their staff members who got into a car accident and had to visit the police station to settle the insurance. Upon returning to his car, he heard some strange sounds emanating from it. Curious about the noises, he investigated and discovered that they were coming from the engine compartment. After opening the hood, he was surprised to find an adorable orange kitten peeking its head out like a jack-in-the-box!

Is He Our New Furry Friend? During a chilly winter day in Jonesboro, a stray kitten found its way into the engine of a parked car for warmth. Hailey, an employee who stumbled upon the furry feline, sympathized with its shivering situation. Not wanting to leave it to fend for itself, Hailey sought advice from fellow coworkers on how to help the little guy.

The employees came to a unanimous decision that it would be best for the kitten to reside at Hounds’ Hideaway, where he could be sheltered and secure. They were waiting to hear from the Humane Society regarding his fate. However, little did they realize that this adorable orange tabby had his own plans in mind.

Hailey shared that they had a picky little orange kitten who immediately captured the hearts of their staff, resulting in them falling head over heels for him. This adorable feline, dubbed Cheeto, had an undeniable charm and wit that made him impossible to resist! It was no surprise that everyone couldn’t help but ask themselves the question: “Can we adopt him?”

Initially, the owner of the establishment was skeptical about having a resident cat so soon after opening. It seemed like an odd choice to have a feline as the only pet in a place intended for dogs. However, an incredible event occurred that completely altered the owner’s perspective and convinced them otherwise.

Hailey had made plans to bring the kitten to the humane society as soon as it opened for the week. But things took an unexpected turn when clients began arriving with their dogs, and the kitten’s reaction left everyone surprised!

Cheeto was a popular feline at Hounds’ Hideaway, not just among the staff but also with the resident dogs. According to Hailey, Cheeto had a great rapport with both dogs and human clients. After a week, it became clear that Cheeto was meant to stay at the facility. The decision was made to make Hounds’ Hideaway his permanent home.

His name, Cheeto, was given to him due to his vibrant orange coat. However, Cheeto had already made up his mind from the very beginning that he was going to be a part of the Hounds’ Hideaway family. He knew that his adorable looks were too irresistible to be ignored, and so he quickly became a beloved member of the family.

An Existential Conundrum Hounds’ Hideaway was an unlikely home for Cheeto, but the feline seemed perfectly at ease amidst the cacophony of barking dogs and general chaos. No timid wallflower, Cheeto relished the excitement of his new environment and all the opportunities for adventure it presented. It was almost as if he was on a constant quest for an adrenaline rush!

Cheeto is quite an active and curious cat who enjoys frolicking, running and discovering new things alongside his canine pals. The other dogs at the daycare facility embraced him as part of their pack, and his playful demeanor delighted the clients who were amazed to see a feline so eager to engage with their pooches. According to Hailey, he became quite attached to the daycare and its inhabitants, and the clients reciprocated that fondness for him.

It’s funny how Cheeto, our feline friend, doesn’t seem to identify as a cat. He’s convinced that he’s part of the canine squad! We can’t bring ourselves to break the news to him since he seems to love being a dog so much. The other dogs in the house haven’t caught on yet either!

Meet Cheeto, the furry feline who juggles two roles – being a part-time cat and full-time manager. He’s always there to help the employees with their daily doggie daycare duties and greet clients with his friendly nudge. One of his favorite things to do is sitting on employees’ laps and supervising them while they work.

Being a cat in a doggie daycare is no piece of cake, despite what you might think. Cheeto manages to make it appear effortless, but don’t be deceived. It’s crucial to keep in mind that Cheeto is one busy feline!

There are countless chairs to lounge on, plenty of staff members to oversee, a multitude of customers to welcome, numerous dogs to snuggle with, and an endless supply of snacks to savor (or pilfer). The possibilities are endless. Cheeto’s work ethic offers valuable lessons that we can all benefit from.

Cheeto is no ordinary feline, as he holds the prestigious title of being the manager of Hounds’ Hideaway. He exerts authority over the establishment and appears to be quite efficient in his role. It’s clear that Cheeto is the top dog (or rather, cat) in this universe, and we humans are merely living in it.

Achieving a lot and taking 12 naps may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this person is certainly a master of efficiency.

Cheeto is a punctual attendee of staff meetings and actively participates in group discussions, making a valuable contribution. His leadership skills are so remarkable that even his occasional naps or self-grooming during meetings are overlooked by everyone.

A Hometown Sensation In the past couple of years, Cheeto has gained quite a bit of weight and fame! He currently weighs a staggering 16 pounds and is the center of attention in town.

According to Hailey, Cheeto receives gifts, treats, and toys from his fans, and even the vet shares updates about his annual checkup on social media. However, despite his fame, Cheeto remains down-to-earth and easy-going just like he was when he first gained popularity.

Despite his insistence on posing for glamorous photoshoots, he feels the need to maintain his reputation. He understands that his devoted followers look forward to seeing him in the limelight.

Once a homeless kitten seeking warmth in a car engine, Cheeto’s life took a complete turn as he became the manager of a doggie daycare and achieved celebrity status. The dogs, clients, and staff at Hounds’ Hideaway are all grateful for his presence in their lives.

Their beloved orange cat had become an essential part of their lives. Hailey expressed her conviction that cats are the ones who choose their owners, not the other way around. She couldn’t be happier that Cheeto had picked them, and they were completely smitten with him.

Don’t forget to give Cheeto a follow on Instagram if you want to stay updated on his exciting escapades as the most adorable feline in dog daycare.

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