One Year Later, Man Overcome with Emotion after Reuniting with Dog Rescued in the Desert.

Recently, Matt Bentley found himself in an intrusive situation. After gaining wind of a dog trap call, he went out seeking for the dog with the goal of releasing it free. When he spotted her running on a remote route in Salt Flats, he saw just how serious the situation was—she was frail from starvation and virtually bald from scraping against rough rocks for protection from dust storms.

When Matt drove her to the Utah Animal Adoption Center, he pleaded with them to take her. They instantly agreed. This unfortunate dog needed considerable medical treatment. Quickly, a woman called Jamie heard about the “doggy warrior” and wanted to give money to support the dog through the rough journey ahead. Jamie also gave the adorable dog a name: Kelly.

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Kelly was really pleasant. Upon seeing Jamie for the first time, she came directly up to Jamie, wagging her tail and asking to be caressed. The instant relationship Jamie felt was clear! Despite the agony she must have been in and whatever prior trauma she was dealing through, Kelly made the most of it and put out a cheerful attitude for everyone’s sake.

Even with a battling spirit, Kelly’s rehabilitation looked gradual. It was Jamie who observed the most and he knew as soon as she was ready, he would adopt her.

Kelly’s first day at her house was amazing; she stepped through the front door and it appeared like it always belonged to her. Jamie’s dog Rocky gladly met Kelly and by the end of the day the two were inseparable. It seems that they’re also siblings also since in this video you can see that when they go to sleep; neither one loves sleeping without the other! And if that’s not enough for you then check out these bonus anecdotes:

As time went on, Kelly’s healing did too! In fifteen months, her fur came back in entirely and her health was superb. Jamie is so thankful for what Matt done that she wants to reconnect them. Of course Matt agreed!

Meeting Kelly after after undergoing so rigorous surgery stunned Matt. To say she was changed is an understatement! Jamie praises Matt again and over for saving her life. Seeing this, Matt teeters on the point of tears because he recognizes that Kelly wouldn’t have lived if it weren’t for him.

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