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About Yoga mat

A yoga mat is a fabricated rug that provides a surface for yoga exercises. Its nature is anti-slipping and anti-sliding. It provides grip to the surface. It protects your wrists, and ankles from injury. To avoid accidents or any injury, you need a stable mat while performing yoga.

A yoga mat is made of natural fiber, cork, PVC, and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material. It contains many layers providing fluffy nature. This padding protects our joints. It prevents loss of heat and energy by providing thermo-insulation. They are made of different thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 6mm. The thickness of the mat is important to give protection to your joints.

Traveling with a yoga mat

If you want to bring a mat when traveling, please pay attention that A travel yoga mat is the one with a thickness of 2-4mm. That is the one that you can fold easily, so you can take it anywhere with you. There’s so much padding it can provide, so if you use this mat straight on the floor you are likely to feel it in your wrists during various yoga poses.

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In the official guidance from the airlines, it is allowed to travel with a yoga mat. According to TSA (transportation security administration), the passengers are permitted to bring their yoga mat with them either as a carry-on item or in their checked luggage.

As a carry-on item:

If you want to bring your yoga mat as a carry-on item, you need to ensure that the width of your yoga mat is not larger than 22” because this is how tall your mat will be easily rolled up. Unluckily, the average yoga mat is between 24” and 27” and as a consequence, it is too large to be introduced on an airplane as a carry-on object.

 If the rolled-up yoga mat surpasses the carry-on limits then it should be folded instead. The soft fluffy mat can be folded many times so that it turns into a rectangular shape that easily fits the carry-on luggage bag.

In checked luggage:

If your rolled-up yoga mat is too long to meet the limitations of the carry-on and is too thick to fold in your luggage, the last option is to pack your yoga mat in checked baggage. To do this effectively, you will make sure that your checked bag is large enough to fit your yoga mat evenly folded into the bag. You can use the Pythagorean theorem to determine if your bag will be large enough to fit your folding yoga mat in it. Usually, large luggage bags may be long enough to accommodate your folding mat in them.

Aside from the size, it is also noteworthy that all airlines have weight limits for checked luggage. Although your yoga mat may be lightweight, do not forget to check its weight to make sure you do not end up paying for the checked luggage when you arrive at the airport.

How to travel with your yoga mat?

There are three options if you want to travel with your yoga mat;

  • The airline allows a yoga mat on the plane as a carry-on item.
  • The airline does not allow a yoga mat on the plane as a carry-on item so you should take it as checked-in luggage.
  • Without airline rules, you can simply wrap it up and put it in your backpack.

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How to carry it safely?

While traveling safety of the mat is important. Here are some tips help you to carry a yoga mat safely;

  • Open your yoga mat when you arrive.

When you arrive at your destination, unfold your yoga mat just like your other clothes.

  • If your yoga mat is too thin then add wadding to it.

If you are traveling with a  yoga mat that is too thin, unlike a normal yoga mat. If you find that your thin mat is uncomfortable on solid floors, throw a hotel towel or blanket under your carpet to add an extra attachment.

  • Take mat cleaner with you.

 COVID-19 is an epidemic that would make everyone aware of the cleanliness of their environment. Regular use of a yoga mat cleaner will keep your gear clean and germ-free as you go.


I would like to conclude the article by saying that if you are a yoga lover and planning to spend yoga holidays anywhere in the world. You must carry your yoga mat with you. According to TSA, you can travel with your yoga mat either by rolled up as carry-on luggage or by folding it in your checked-in bag. As carry-on luggage, the yoga mat should be rolled in such a way that it can easily carry. As checked-in luggage, you should fold your yoga mat in such a way that it can easily place in your baggage.

Bringing your yoga mat on the go is a great way to maintain your yoga or meditation practice. Finding ways to keep your mind and body sharp is crucial to taking care of yourself.

Remember that each airline has its cargo policy and checks it out, so you must review your airline’s restrictions before leaving the airport.

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