Rescued Siblings Survive Abandonment And Blossom Into The Murder Mittens Squad

There are many cats that are brought into this world that have little chance of survival from the moment they enter it. When cats are not spayed or neutered, they can create an abundance of offspring that often won’t have a chance at a real housecat life. For a clowder of cat siblings now jokingly referred to as the Murder Mittens Squad, they wouldn’t be here today if not for a kindhearted woman and her son who rushed in to save the day. I caught up with their loving cat mom, and she shared with me their story and how these kittens have blossomed into healthy, happy cats who now spend their days being loved, cared for, and appreciated.

How did these cats come into your life?I always start off by letting people know I do animal rescue and have for over 30 years. Most people in my area know I am more than happy to help with any type of animal situation. July 3rd, 2021 I received a frantic phone call from a property owner stating they had checked on their property and could hear kittens crying. Had no idea how many there were or even where they were at. I loaded up one of my sons and we took off to the location upon arriving it looked like a dump site. We were told that there was a total of five kittens, and we searched for three hours. We found kittens and trash bags; we found a kitten almost dead in a garbage can full of grease and water. One of the babies had passed away and we weren’t able to revive it. So with all four kittens in tow, we took all of those tiny little guys we had back home. The whole time my son is providing CPR for the one who is touch and go. We get them home and get them cleaned up and discover that we have three boys and a girl. After a trip to the vet, we estimated they were around 3 weeks old, with no Mom cat to be found.

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What is each of their personalities like?Their personality started coming out, the solid black one is Loki, he was the one that was touching go and required CPR and extra care. The most mischievous out of all of them constantly wanting to play. He gets up higher than the rest of them, he interacts with the dogs. Toed, because all of his toes are tipped white, has no white on his face. Toed is a talker, he meows like he carrying on a conversation with you. And pats your hand as he’s talking. Larry, everybody loves Larry. Dogs, other cats, and people. He is the biggest of the four of them and definitely the most loveable. And last, but definitely not least, is the tiniest one our little female who only weighs 3 pounds, AnnaMay. She may be the strongest but she’s kind of the ruler of the four. If she meows the other three come running. We named her AnnaMay because her eyes are so huge, like those Japanese anime eyes but being from the south we put our own little twist on the name.

How do they get along with one another?With any type of animal rescue I do, our job is to rehome the animals we save, but sadly, nobody ever wanted these guys so they have been with us for over a year, and they are bonded. They live in a house with three other older cats and five dogs. Yes, my house is a zoo but everyone gets along, and very rarely do we even have a disagreement with animals. The kittens got the name Murder Mitten Squad from when we were feeding them as babies they would come running and meowing.

I want to give a special “thank you” to their rescuer and forever human for allowing me to share the Murder Mittens Squad’s story with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. The world is certainly a better place with people like her in it.


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