Stray Cat Sneaks Into Police Station And Chooses Officer As His New Family

Police departments all over the world are familiar with dogs, however, we can’t say the same about cats. Things changed for Columbia Police Department, in Columbia, South Carolina, when a stray cat wandered into their building in need of some attention.

Meet Kingsley, a black and white kitty that sauntered into a police station and decided to take selfies with his human friends.

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This confident little feline found his way into the Columbia Police Department in Columbia, South Carolina in September and started demanding snuggles with everyone there. Needless to say, the officers happily obliged.

“This furry feline stopped by CPD West Region to say we were posting too many dog pictures and needed to show cats some love also,” the police department said.

Apparently, it wasn’t hard to get along with the cat, who acted like he wanted cuddles from every officer in the station, and decided to ease everyone’s day with little snuggles here and there.

The kitty was spotted sneaking into the department. Within a short period of time, he had crept his way into everyone’s heart. It was clear that his goal was to take selfies with everyone in the department. The little charmer posing for another selfie with his forever humans at his new home.

Updates: Officer Brandon Montgomery, an animal lover, and proud cat dad, welcomed the kitty into his loving home.

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