Poor little kitten bitten by golden dog was rescued and given a new life

A tiny kitten was bitten by a Golden Retriever and was found crying in a terrible condition behind a neighbor’s house. When this ginger kitten arrived at the vet clinic, staff were shocked at what they saw. She had a large wound on her back and all her body. One of her back legs was so badly broken and couldn’t save. The vets had no choice but to remove it to ensure her safety and her life.

Everyone was baffled at how she was still alive because she was in very bad shape and had a slim chance of survival. Admiring her for her determination and her great will, the vets tried their best to save her life. They didn’t give up and refused to let her succumb to her injuries, alone and unnoticed.

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They care for her and cleaned up the wounds every two days. They gave her all the best medical treatment and all of their love to whip away her physical and mental injuries. With the extensive care and all the love from the bottom of their hearts, she got better each day. As the scars from the dog bites healed, so did her spirit.

After three weeks at the vet, she surprised everyone when she not only healed from the dog bites, but began thriving. She was determined to be a normal kitten. She then moved to her new loving home where she continued her recovery. She is such a little fighter girl!

Two months with the best foster care, she made a full recovery. All the wounds were gone, but now she has to live with three legs. Despite losing a leg, she never lets it stop her from enjoying her new life and exploring this beautiful world. We are happy to know that she is living happily with her beloved people in her new home.


It’s an incredible recovery! For all that pain she went through, she deserves lots of love, kisses and tender loving care. Thank you to everyone who helped this little girl and brought ​her a second chance at life. God bless you all for your great work!

Please everyone out there, if you see a hurt animal or a stray, please do the right thing! Don’t ignore it! You never know if someday you are the one in need and GOD FORBID NO ONE IS THERE OR YOU!!! Sharing is caring!

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