For w𝚎𝚎ks, sh𝚎 crawl𝚎d aro𝗎nd th𝚎 park, b𝚎gging for food and sh𝚎dding t𝚎ars of sadn𝚎ss.

Somehow she crawled in there and lived for 3 weeks. She crawled all around the park seeking for food. It scratched the hind legs. Her spine was broken.

The curious thing was that no one phoned the doctor. She just gave her some food and walked away… Our hearts are getting colder

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The doctor said the best time for therapy was past and her chance to walk was gone. Only one phone call could change her life. But regrettably no one did for her.

A student reported Animal Shelter that that she is at the park and needs help, and after inquiry they determined that she had been there for a long time and that people often gave her food.

Rescue team were racing against time, but they didn’t make it in time. They didn’t give up attempting to give Bella, the unlucky puppy a new life.

She had to increase her diet and supplements. Besides taking medicine and IVs. She was a gorgeous and loving dog but her eyes were so sad.

Bones grew together and without surgery, and the scratches were almost entirely healed.

A foster volunteer decided to bring her home to live with the other fostered dogs.

“We take care of other pets here too. This boy asked us to date him. His acts made us everyone smiling and this dog would be bella’s new companion.” Said her foster

“From then on she is a member of our family. We accompany and share in pleasure together. Her name is Bella and she is very pleased.”

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