Heroic Dog Reunites with Owner After Saving His Life During a Stroke.

A dog in Teaneck, New Jersey is being praised as a hero after dragging his owner to call for help.

Brian Myers was home alone with his dog, Sadie, when he suffered a stroke and couldn’t reach the phone to call for help.

Thankfully, Sadie sprung into life-saving action and got Brian the help that he needed.

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According to The Dodo, Brian rescued Sadie from the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge after she was surrendered by her previous owners. The rescue struggled to find her a forever home because she was nervous, but she really clicked with Brian.

Speaking with The Dodo, Heather Centrella with the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge said: “[She was] a little standoffish when she first came and she wasn’t sure what was going on. She became a little bit shut-down in the shelter, so we knew she was going to need an experienced home with someone who was patient.”

That home ended up being with Brain, despite Sadie’s bio claiming she wasn’t great with men. Brian rescued Sadie and gave her a second chance at life, not knowing she would do the same for him in the coming months.

The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge shared on Facebook a few months after the adoption, “Brian suffered a stroke when home alone with Sadie. While he was collapsed, Sadie never left his side. She licked his face to keep him awake, and helped drag him across the room to his cell phone. Sadie was the only reason that Brian was able to call for help.”

According to The Washington Post, Myers explained, “[Sadie] kept licking me and crying, so I reached my right hand up to pet her, then I grabbed her collar.”

Thanks to Sadie, Brain was able to get the help that he needed. He was transferred to a rehabilitation center to recover from the stroke, and during his stay, he Facetimed with Sadie every night.

Eventually, Sadie and Brian were able to reunite and it was such a sweet moment! You can see the reunion for yourself in the video below:

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