Polic𝚎 Offic𝚎r’s Dogs Can’t Wait To S𝚎𝚎 Th𝚎ir Eld𝚎rly N𝚎ighbor Ev𝚎ry Day

Two dogs in Wisconsin have gone viral for their sweet interaction with their elderly neighbor.

The dogs belong to 28-year-old Amanda West, a police officer who adopted Kent and Lex, tow mutts from Paddy’s Paws shelter.

Amanda got the dogs for herself to enjoy and to provide them a good home, but they ended up forming a special relationship with the neighbor, an elderly man Amanda refers to as the “neighborhood grandpa” for dogs.

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The man, Joe, greets the dogs at the fence “ever day, no matter what the weather is,” Amanda shared with GeoBeats Animals. He gives them plenty of treats and love and the dogs just adore his company.

In fact, Kent and Lex will often sit at the fence and wait for Joe to come out and see them. Amanda shared with GeoBeats Animals that if the weather is good, the two pups will just wait outside by the fence “for hours,” and if the weather is cold, they’ll wait by the fence the moment they hear Joe outside.

Amanda shared a sweet video of the two dogs interacting with Joe on TikTok and it’s captured the hearts of many. Since posting the video, it’s been viewed over 2 million and received nearly 400,000 likes.

In the video, you can see the two pups at the fence, getting pets, treats, and love, in snow and sunshine! Watch the clip below:

It’s not just the dogs that Joe is kind to, either. Amanda shared with The Epoch Times that he checked on her and her partner multiple times when they were sick.

She told the outlet, “I asked Joe if he could run to the store and grab us some more medicine … he grabbed us the medicine, along with orange juice and ice cream.”

Amanda said it best when she told GeoBeats Animals that dogs can always tell who a good person is, and Joe is just a great soul.

See more of their story in the video below:

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