R𝚎sc𝗎𝚎d stray dog b𝚎ams with happin𝚎ss as sh𝚎 is finally tak𝚎n to a for𝚎v𝚎r hom𝚎 aft𝚎r 7 y𝚎ars.

When I was 7 years old, my parents and I adopted a dog from the shelter. She was quite excited and thrilled to be leaving her kennel, she couldn’t stop greeting the other dogs in the kennels that we passed.

It’s true that all animals have emotions and can react to happy moments like being rescued.

Zelda is an adorable little pooch that was living as a stray dog in a field for 7 years. The Romanian dog rescue, Howl Of The Dog, explained on YouTube, “It was not easy, considering the harsh Romanian winters, but she had her little ‘house’ there and a kind man brought her food regularly.”

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Their owners revealed that they were once wild, but after being trained to put on an adorable display, a pack of dogs lined up to “buy” a regular barbecue.

They shared that Zelda was one of several dogs living there. She was quite a friendly pooch and loved it whenever people were in the area.

There was even someone who brought her and her friends’ food. However, their situation became precarious as the area they were in started getting converted to a residential area. That is when people started to complain about the stray dogs.

Howl of the Dog explained, “Sadly, one of the dogs from their pack was found dead one day, and that’s when the person who used to feed them got in touch with us and asked us if we could take the dogs from there.”

Thankfully, Howl of The Dog intervened and got Zelda and one of her friends out of their situation. After being rescued, Zelda finally got adopted – even though she had to wait a little while. But the wait was worth it as she’s now living her best life in Germany with her new family. The sweet pooch hasn’t stopped smiling since.

Her adoptive mom said to Howl Of The Dog, “Zelda is the best thing that could happen. Me and all of my family and friends are truly in love with her. Wherever possible I take her with me and she loves it.”

Check out the two videos down below:


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