Stray S𝚎nior Dog Transforms Into Playf𝗎l P𝗎ppy Aft𝚎r B𝚎ing R𝚎sc𝗎𝚎d

For the past seven months, a stray senior dog has survived by foraging for food and sleeping at a trucking yard near a busy highway in California.

Security guards who started to feed the poor old dog contacted Hope For Paws for help. Eldad, the founder of the animal rescue, and fellow rescuer JoAnn Wiltz immediately went in search of the senior dog. They found him fast asleep on a pile of branches.

They were told the dog was deaf and it worked to their advantage when capturing him. Eldad was able to sneak up and place the gentle snare around the dog’s head before he realized they were there.

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The sweet Akita mix didn’t try to run away and attempted to eat the hamburger offered to him. JoAnn noticed he was missing teeth and broke up the hamburger, so it was easier for him to eat.

Eldad made sure to take his time with the old boy and petted him often to let him know he was safe. “After 7 months of living out there, spending 7 more minutes to make him feel safe and loved was important,” he said.

The senior dog was carefully led into a crate and brought to a veterinary clinic to be examined. Followers of the rescue named him “Mr. Rogers”.

The first thing they did was scan for a microchip, but he didn’t have one. He appears to be about 8 years old and in good health.

It turns out he isn’t deaf but was suffering from an ear infection that has been treated. Mr. Rogers was taken in by Hollywood Huskies to be fostered until they find him a forever home.

The timid and sad dog transformed into a playful puppy inside his loving foster home. He never stops wagging his tail and loves to play in his backyard. JoAnn visited him a few weeks after the rescue and brought him a squeaky toy, which he loves.

He enjoys slower walks and nap time and gets along with everyone he meets. The rescue wrote, “He’s kind, gentle, a big teddy bear type and good with people and other dogs.”

Anyone interested in adopting Mr. Rogers can contact Hollywood Huskies.

Watch his rescue video below and don’t forget to share.

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