Unbridl𝚎d, 𝗎nch𝚎ck𝚎d happin𝚎ss.” Hom𝚎l𝚎ss man’s r𝚎action to finding lost dog is h𝚎artwarming.

Anthony Rogers doesn’t have much in this world, but he does have a Staffordshire terrier named Bobo who loves and adores him.

The Memphis, Tennessee-based artist had fallen on hard times. He ended himself on the streets with Bobo, his devoted buddy who never leaves his side.

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Even when Anthony couldn’t afford to eat, he made sure Bobo had everything he needed. Anthony awoke one morning to find Bobo vanished.

He hurriedly scoured the surrounding streets but found no trace of his dog. Anthony hoped for the best — but feared the worse — as he helped a buddy distribute “lost dog” flyers across the city.

Weeks passed with no word. Finally, his friend received a phone call regarding the poster. The caller was a Memphis Animal Services employee who reported they’d found a dog who resembled Bobo!

The employee had seen the missing dog signs around Memphis, but they weren’t sure he was the same dog they’d brought in. Anthony, of course, hurried to the shelter to find out.

Everyone knew right immediately that this was Anthony’s dog the moment the door opened and the dog came out!

Bobo hurled himself into his father’s arms with such force that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

“Seeing such raw, unbridled pleasure was a pretty fantastic moment,” shelter spokesman Katie Pemberton said. “I believe we all felt really fortunate to be able to see it.” Working at animal shelters can be emotionally taxing, so seeing something so joyful is like putting petrol in the tank.”

Bobo was spayed, microchipped, and inoculated while at the shelter. He was also negative for heartworm.

“We returned him to Anthony with a year’s supply of heartworm treatment, a bag of dog food, a harness, leash, collar, and ID tag,” the shelter said on Facebook. “Bobo is in good health and joyful.”

Furthermore, after a video of Bobo and Anthony’s reunion went viral, a friend put up a GoFundMe page and contributed $16,850 to help them get back on their feet!

Moments like these serve as a reminder that it doesn’t matter who we are or how much money we have. What truly matters are the bonds we form with others, both human and animal. Bobo’s “home” in this situation is wherever Anthony is!

Watch their joyous reunion in the video below, and please share this touching tale.

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