A stray kitten with unusually large frog-like eyes faces a challenging battle for survival and a chance at a fresh start.

Meet Oomi the miracle kitty!

A tiny 4-week-old kitten with huge eyes came to the ASPCA Kitten Nursery in New York City about a month ago. The little tortie girl needed a lot of help and TLC.

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“She was dropped off at the front desk of my job and sent to me and my team at the kitten nursery,” Cerena told.

The first thing they noticed was a pair of “frog eyes” from what they assume was the result of an untreated bacterial infection.

“I went to meet her and the moment you picked her up, she just wanted to cuddle and be loved. I fostered her when she was a little more medically stable and my fiance (Anthony) and I just fell in love with her the first night.”

“I always took some extra time to cuddle with her during medication time,” Cerena said. “She just has such a ray of positivity or ‘pawsitivity’ about her. It was hard not to fall in love.”

The next day, Cerena put her adoption on hold for this little special girl.

After many trips to the vet, they concluded that Oomi needed surgery to remove her eyes, but she would have to wait until she was big enough to undergo the operation.

“She does not let life slow her down! She loves climbing whatever she can find.”

“Her eye had ruptured in the middle of one night, so we brought her to the hospital and they decided they needed to do the enucleation a few weeks earlier than they planned.”

Oomi’s humans were anxious to say the least, but the little tortie was calm and purring to her humans as if she was trying to comfort them.

The day after the surgery, little Oomi cuddled up to her mom for some snuggles. “The moment I held her, she started purring. I knew she was tough enough to recover!”

A few days after the surgery, the playful little kitten was climbing again.

“Her doctor said they’ve never seen a kitten bounce back so quick after surgery! You would never know she’s missing her eyes,” Cerena told.

No more pain and infection! Oomi is thriving with a fresh start at life.

“She has a huge personality. She still comfort suckles so I get woken up to that on my neck and chin every morning. She loves to play but also loves cuddling and just relaxing with us when we are playing games or watching tv.

“She chirps when we get home because she gets really excited.”

When Cerena goes to the kitchen, Oomi follows her behind in hopes to sneak a snack. “Other than occasionally running into a wall, you would never know she was blind. She runs and tackles her toys like she has 20/20 vision!”

The little miracle kitty has already mapped out her house and can navigate like a pro with her “super power”.

Oomi may be tiny but she has the heart of a warrior!

“Even the toughest of warriors sometimes need a favorite stuffed bunny to cuddle with.”

This little wonder cat is now living the life that she always wanted. She never ceases to amaze her humans with her ability to adapt. The couple adopted Oomi a week ago and made her a permanent part of their family.

“I have been dealing with quite a few medical problems along with recovering physically and mentally after a very bad car accident in July. She has kept me going… she’s there to make me laugh!

“She came into my life exactly when I needed her.”

They rescued little Oomi, and the tortie girl rescued them too.

What an amazing little kitty!!

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