Miracle Rescue: Small Dog Pulled from Rubble After Turkey Earthquake.”

Rescue efforts have been in full swing since the devastating earthquake struck Turkey and Syria on February 6th, 2023.

Though weeks have passed, rescuers are still finding miracle victims to pull from the rubble – including a lucky pup who managed to be saved in the nick of time.

The dog was buried when an apartment building collapsed in Hatay, Turkey. According to Fox 13, the dog’s owner was injured in the earthquake and transported to a hospital in intensive care.

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Thankfully, the dog was spotted amidst the rubble and rescuers were able to save him.

Gürcan Öztürk shared a video of the dog being rescued from the rubble on Instagram with the caption (translated): “After 60 hours ….. Back to life ……..”

The dog, Pambuk, sipped some water while several hands worked to pull his body from the rubble of the collapsed building.

Öztürk added in the comments, “Pambuk’s family has reached out to me. His father is alive and in hospital in Mersin… I hope they will be reunited soon.”

You can see the rescue efforts in the video below:

Hopefully the poor pup will be reunited with family ASAP! It’s a miracle he survived, we can only hope that his family will survive as well.

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